Day 313. Say What????

If there is anything that makes me see RED, it’s when someone tries to insult my intelligence. I am far from being a genius, but I am NOT stupid. I am NOT gullible. I am NOT a fool. I am NOT some innocent who was just born yesterday. You CANNOT pull the wool over my eyes. I can see through bullshit a mile away.

And while you’re liarat it, do NOT lie to me, either. I have zero tolerance. Combine the two and I am going to combust. And you know what?

I’m not alone. Nobody likes it.

So yesterday I ranted about the shadier side of what’s been going on in the Canadian political arena lately. And yes, I did give you a

heads up, suggesting there was a lot more I was pissed about, and you should prepare yourselves for more venting from me. But I didn’t think I’d be at it again, so soon.

Blame Pamela Wallin.

On the off chance you didn’t read my blog post yesterday, she’s one of four Senators who’ve been padding their expense accounts, some to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Helping themselves to taxpayer dollars they’re not entitled to. Cheating. Stealing, dare I say. I don’t want to bore everyone who did read the story, so if you want more of the background click here.

As a result of the investigation, which is ongoing, she’s resigned from two Boards she sat on. Well, at least that’s the party line. Who knows. She may have had a bit of encouragement. Let’s just say neither one would benefit from her “notoriety”.

One of the companies on whose Board she served is Gluskin Sheff + Associates, an independent wealth management firm that manages investment portfolios for high net worth (a minimum of $3 million) investors. A public company since 2009, their Chief Economist & Strategist is an internationally celebrated economist and author. The other is Porter Airlines, a regional airline (founded in 2006) with grandiose plans for the future.

She was also asked, by the Prime Minister’s incoming chief of staff, to resign from the caucus. But she, and the other three, are still Senators. Which bugs the hell out of me.

But it’s what she said in an interview the other night (and was reported yesterday) that sent my blood pressure soaring. It’s very interesting. All along she’s remained silent. She’s refused to say a word, only that she’d make her statement once the investigation was over. So why now?

Perhaps because things are heating up. It seems the auditors have expanded their probe from just her travel expenses to her housing allowance, as well. And the RCMP are now in on the act; and the entire Senate expense scandal has turned from just an ethics issue to a criminal investigation.

What’d she say in the interview that’s irked me so?

In her own words, “There’s a lot of paperwork, particularly in government, every time you move every time you go anywhere. Sort of more paperwork than is humanly possible to keep on top of. So I made mistakes. I take full responsibility for this. I should have gone over it with a fine-toothed comb, as anybody should, to make sure, but I just didn’t. I was doing what I thought my job was.”

Are you kidding me????

To paraphrase, she couldn’t keep up with the paperwork????? Too many details to keep track of???????? Her life is just too complicated????????

Remind me to try that when I file my taxes next year.

Then she went on to explain that the $38,000 she has already repaid “comes down to flight costs. So money is not in my pocket, the money is in the pocket of the airlines.” I swear on all that’s holy. That’s what she said. Verbatim. It seems to have slipped her mind, entirely, that the $38,000 NEVER LEFT her pocket, in the first place.

We paid for those plane tickets. Flights she took that had nothing to do with her being a Senator. Flights she took for her own speaking engagements, and board meetings, etc.

Does she really take us for fools? Clearly the answer is “yes”.

Now you know why I’m foaming at the mouth.

10 thoughts on “Day 313. Say What????

  1. Outrageous!!! But have you been keeping up with the Abortion debate in the U.S.? The Republican comments on pregnancy and rape are the most ridiculous and outrageous comments ever!

    • It is disappointing. And just so infuriating. I’d like to write editorials for newspapers. I am going to give it a shot. None of them have money so it is tough. But trying’s free. How was the baseball game? Did you get your peanuts?

      • You should try! Game was great, just very sweaty and hot. The temperature as 95F when the game started, dropped to a chilly 82F by the time we left at the 7th inning. I got peanuts but ended up giving them to Bruce’s boss since I was feeling too hot to eat them. The beer and water helped a little but everyone was sweating so much that the liquids left your body faster than you could drink them!

  2. Fransi:)
    Please keep writing and please write editorials! We need your clear, focussed,
    non-bs, straight talk. Pamela Wallin – I used to respect her… the nice story about coming from her tiny town of Wasilla, (I believe) Sask. Mythic: Prairie-heroine, “innocent”, ingenue who made it big…went all the way to New York and then….a SENATOR! What a dish of “The Empress’ New Clothes” we were served. Get her outta here.

    • Yes!! Get her outta here. I can’t look at her without wanting to scream.

      Agree her ‘story’ was compelling.

      But I have always found her pompous. With an ego that far exceeded her talent. And a ‘sense of entitlement’ that gives me a rash. So I have never been much of a fan.

      They can’t look at her books carefully enough for me.

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