Day 314. Rain, Rain …

Yesterday was beautiful here.  Sunny.  Warm.  Just lovely.  But this morning, as I sit here writing, it’s back to what is fast becoming usual for this summer.  It’s dark.  porchGrey.  Overcast.  Foggy.  Somewhat humid.  And raining.

It’s not a surprise.  It was in the forecast.  But I was hoping they’d be wrong.  That I’d wake up to sunny skies.  Didn’t happen.  Funny how, when the weather’s supposed to be bad, they’re always right.  It’s only when we’re promised a nice day, it turns out they’ve made a mistake.

In an effort to get myself out of the rainy day doldrums, I’ve decided to find something positive about the rain.  Which was the subject, ironically enough, of yesterday’s WordPress Daily Prompt:  “Safe inside, toasty warm, while water pitter-patters on the roof … describe your perfect, rainy afternoon.”

Can’t get much more positive than that, don’t you think?

So what’s mine?  Do I have one?   Let me think about it for a minute.  My perfect, rainy afternoon.   Continue reading