Day 330. Come Again …

“What makes a blog great?  What makes you follow a blog or “Like” a post?”  So asked yesterday’s WordPress Daily Prompt.  This might turn out to be my shortest good blogsblog post yet, because for me, the answer is pretty simple.

Unlike a lot of people, I don’t think a post has to be short.  I don’t care how long it is, as long as the story is well told.  It should be as long (or short) as it has to be, to make your point.  If it’s a six-word memoir, that’s great.  If it’s 2,000 words, that’s also great.

Just make sure they are spelled correctly.  All of them.  And do me a favour and look them up in the dictionary.  I don’t really trust spell check.  And please proofread to make sure auto correct hasn’t turned your prose into total gibberish.

If I ever meet the imbecile who invented auto correct, I just might make him eat my computer, my iPad and my iPhone.  And all the copy decks and emails I’ve had to trash.  And at least one draft of my book which, at last count, was more than two hundred pages.

While I watch, so I can make sure he’s swallowed it all.  Every last scrap.  Every last bite.  Every last morsel.  With nothing to wash it all down.   No tea, coffee or soft drinks.  No fancy designer juices.  No beer or wine.  And no condiments, either.  No mustard.  No ketchup.  No pickles.  No russian dressing.  No hot sauce.

You know, I may even throw in a side order of all my power cords.  And the mouse I’ve never used.  And all my computer bags.

Yeah, I’m that bitter about it.

Where was I before my rant?  Oh yeah, what it takes to make me like and follow your blog.  Well, in addition to all the other stuff I’ve already mentioned, please make sure your grammar’s proper.  And your punctuation.  Don’t be lazy.  Check it, check it and check it again.  Sloppy writers are not good writers.

Then, be interesting.  Be informative.  Be provocative.  Be engaging.  Be funny.  Or be serious.  I don’t care which.  Be ballsy.  Be judgemental.  Be nasty.  Be quirky. Be flirtatious.  Be whimsical.  Be naughty.  Be irreverent.  Be honest.  Be authentic.  Be relevant.

Teach me something I don’t know.  Shock me.  Challenge me.  Anger me.  Frustrate me.  Get a rise out of me.  Awe me.  Surprise me.  Relax me.   Dare me.  Scare me.  Grip me.  Grab me.  Shake me to my core.  Tease me.  Toy with me.  Tantalize me.  Scandalize me.  Seduce me with your words.  Make me shiver with delight.  Thrill me.  Take me places I’ve never been.  Drag me where I don’t want to go.  Engage me.  Involve me.  Inspire me.  Compel me to respond.  To comment.   To keep coming back for more.

Sound impossible?  Improbable?  Unattainable?  Unachievable?

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.

I follow more than a hundred WordPress blogs.  And there’ll be more, I know.  I follow poets.  Authors.  Artists.  Photographers.  Cooks.  Copywriters.  Students. Teachers.  Lawyers.  Nurses.  Retirees.  Reviewers.  Moms.  Dads.  From every walk of life.  From more countries than I can count.  Professionals and amateurs.  It doesn’t matter to me.

What matters is, I look forward to each and every one of their posts.  Why?  I just told you.

16 thoughts on “Day 330. Come Again …

  1. I’m afraid that Bruce and The Grammar Belle will point out my errors so I try to proof and reproof, then edit some more. A little bit hampered by the lack of wifi in the Mortroski Midecentury at the moment though–iPhone isn’t the best screen size for editing.

  2. Wonderful post.
    I just wanted to add that I feel the way you do, and right now it’s so evident re: an online dater I’ve just “met”. He’s an elementary school teacher. He’s emailed me three times and not in any case has he used proper syntax. And, sometimes his “I” is capitalised and sometime’s it’s not. It conveys to me that he can’t really be bothered to put his best foot forward. I don’t think this one is going to work out. It may seem like I’m “jumping the gun”….but most of the other men I’ve “met” in the cyberspace medium have used complete sentences. I realise the texting world has changed what’s “acceptable”….but I guess I’m an old-fashioned girl.
    Thanks for your beautifully written perspective.
    Your friend Jane, who is no fan of auto-correct, either!!!!

  3. May I add redundancy? I tire of writers who explain, re-explain and then say it again. It makes the post long and tedious. Go through with the delete button and use it damn it! Get out those superfluous words! Thanks. I feel better now. Great post.

    • Yes you may. Some repetition adds drama and much-needed emphasis. And some is just plain boring and annoying. Edit, edit, edit. Less is usually more. Great comment, thanks.

  4. Whew! I’m glad I can draw reasonably well, because grammar and spelling (make that typos) are my bane, and I have the terrible habit of hitting Publish before proofing my work (though I’ll usually edit any glaring mistakes I catch after the first couple re-reads….)

    • You draw very well. And from time to time even the best of us slip up. I’m talking about the serial offenders. The ones who just don’t care.

  5. It’s not easy proofing your own work. I could read my post 15 times and find no mistakes. Once I click, “Publish” and read it again…Oops! What the heck is that about anyway? 🙂

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