Day 334. The Hunk

You’re in for it now, folks! Reminiscing about my summer camp years, yesterday, has opened the floodgates. It’s unleashed a treasure trove of memories. So I’m sorry. sailingIt looks like you’re going to have to put up with more stories today.

Kinni Kinnic really was a fabulous camp. The setting alone was worth going for. Think of the Von Trapp family (Sound of Music). The rolling hills of Vermont. Lush. Green. Huge, old trees. Totally unspoiled. Unpolluted lakes. Still. Quiet. Tranquil.

Red-roofed barns. Clapboard homes with lopsided porches and flagpoles, and flags proudly flying, faded from all the years of sun and rain and snow. Bake sales. Lemonade stands. Home made ice cream. Cows and horses and sheep grazing everywhere. Yapping dogs. Birds. Butterflies. Buttercups. Flowers. Fruit trees. Picnics. BBQs. Bliss.

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