Day 338. No Peeking?

Must say I did a double-take when I read yesterday’s WordPress Daily Prompt:  Who is the one person you hope isn’t reading your blog.  Why?”  Have to admit, theblindfold1 notion of not wanting someone to see your blog is a bit odd to me.

I mean, wouldn’t the Internet be the LAST place you’d put something you didn’t want everyone to read?  Same with your other social media.  How much more public can it get?

So tell me.  Am I missing something?  Is it one of those trick questions?

Well, each to his (her) own.  Maybe there are bloggers hoping certain individuals don’t find their blogs.  Perhaps they should consider blogging anonymously.  You can do that.  Or you can come up with a ‘nom de plume’, a pen name, a pseudonym, in other words.

That might be kinda fun.

Or maybe they should consider a more private creative outlet.

Not my business.  Back to me.  I guess you’ve already figured out I don’t fall into that particular camp.  I’m here for anyone and everyone to see.  The more the merrier.

Yes, I’ve shared my opinions about quite a few well-known political figures here, on WordPress.  Our infamous mayor, Rob Ford.  Canada’s Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.  Several senators who have taken liberties with their expenses.  Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin to name two of the more high-profile ones.

It would be my greatest pleasure if they read my blog.  I’d love nothing more than for them to know what I think of them and their shenanigans.  I’d love nothing more than for them to know I think they’re a disgrace.

There are some American politicians who haven’t escaped my wrath or disdain, either.  I feel exactly the same way about them.

As for all the friends and family (here and departed) and colleagues and associates and acquaintances and neighbours and fellow bloggers I’ve shared stories about, I also hope you’ve seen and read them.  I want you to know how much you mean to me.  How much you inspire me.  And amuse me.  And comfort me.  And help me.

For all my mentors and teachers and bosses, who spent so much time encouraging me and helping me learn and perfect my craft, I hope you all find my blog.  And I also hope when you read it, you pat yourselves on the back and say, “You know, I did a pretty good job.  She’s turned out to be a decent writer.”

Too bad my cats can’t read.  I think they’d really enjoy my stories about them.  Then again, I swear they can speak and understand English.  So maybe they are following my blog.

And what about all those who have not yet visited me here at Three Hundred Sixty-Five?  Where the hell are you?  What are you waiting for?  I can’t wait to meet you!  Hurry up!

16 thoughts on “Day 338. No Peeking?

  1. Some bloggers air very negative dirty laundry that they either want the subject to see or do not want them to see. I have some really funny posts in my head and they best stay there because I know they would offend someone dear to me. But I do agree with you. If you’re gonna put it out there dammit, ya shouldn’t be afraid for anyone to read it!

  2. I follow some much younger (than me) bloggers and I find they are, naturally, focusing on dating, sex, education, career path and how they can all intermingle. While these subject matters and their complex interrelationships are nothing new; the openness in which they express these experiences publicly in an online forum was, initially, startling to me. I don’t think these bloggers would want to be identified by, for example, a current or prospective employer. Yet, I do think some of these raw but introspective posts vs. those that seem to be purely written for the shock factor, have real merit. That’s where, as you noted, a pseudonym should be used. I use a pseudonym, but my blog is listed on my other social networking sites. As you have I, too, have written some controversial posts. I’m not deliberately trying to be secretive about who I am, since I know it is very easy to find me, via my real name, if one knows how! I really don’t believe anyone can be truly “anonymous” if they are using any type of online social media or communicate via email.

    • Interesting. The openness shocked me at first too. Now I find myself becoming more and more and more open. And sometimes I shock myself with my own writing. I think it is good because it is authentic and true, which is key for a writer, whether you’re writing a blog or a screenplay or an article or a book.

      There are some subjects I stay away from, for various reasons. But when I do put something out there it is because I have thought of the risks and am willing to accept the consequences.

      I do think one can remain anonymous, even now, when the internet and google make ‘finding’ people so much easier. But at the end of the day the best policy is, if you’re about to say something you don’t want certain people to know, then write it in a diary — not in a blog or on Facebook or Twitter or any other social media.

      Thanks for the great comments.

      • Yes, I find my boundaries are moving too. I consider myself as somewhat “cautious” when it comes to what I put out there if I compare it to others. The one thing I do promise myself is that what I put out there represents my honest opinion or questions those things I don’t yet have a handle on. Reading other blogs that may cross my personal boundaries forces me to check in with myself on those subject matters where my current stance may need a refresh. Growth is good.

        Your posts are always interesting and thought provoking. The comments are born from them. Thank you for birthing and nurturing what is an excellent blog.

      • Thank you! It’s the comments and resulting conversations that make it interesting. And fun.

  3. I used to post my blogs to Rennet/Writers sub group—never again! These are readers who make stupid, snarky remarks, most of which make no sense whatsoever or are completely off the mark. Quality over quantity for me…. goodbye, Rennet writers….

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