Day 341. Superhero Teams

About a month ago I blogged about a school play I went to see, and how fabulous it was. My friend’s seven year old grand nephew, “G”, was in it. The kids were traceyjust TOO cute. But what had also struck me was how involved the mom’s were. My friend’s niece, for example, worked on the sets, costumes and make-up.

A hell of a lot of work.

She was tied up with it for months. With a full time job, another kid and a household to run, there’s no way she could have pulled it off without her husband’s cooperation and help.

Last weekend they did it again.

This time it was the baby of the family’s birthday. “E”, who is “G’s” younger brother. He turned four.

A few years ago, busy parents took the birthday boy or girl, and four or five of their friends, to Chuck E. Cheese or McDonald’s for all the junk food they could consume in a few hours.

Perfect for busy, working parents because it meant no fuss, no muss, no cooking or clean-up. Somebody else’s problem.

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