Day 356. Twenty-Six …

Well, did I ever just have a blast!  Wasn’t sure I could do it, but you know me, I have to try.  And once I’ve decided to try, I can’t quit.  That’s how I’ve made it letters a and bthis far, with this blog.  Once I was committed there was just no way I wouldn’t see it through.  I have way too much pride.

So once I became intrigued with yesterday’s WordPress Daily Prompt, I was hooked.  “Create a short story, piece of memoir, or epic poem that is 26 sentences long, in which the first sentence begins with “A” and each sentence thereafter begins with the next letter of the alphabet.”  

In the end, after banging my head against the wall for a few hours, I decided to go with something simple.  I wouldn’t call it great literature, by any means, but I did get the job done.  And I had a great time with it.  I recommend you give it a try, yourself.  It’s a terrific exercise, if nothing else.

Here it is:

A story made up of twenty-six sentences, each beginning with the next letter of the alphabet is no easy task.  But as you know from reading my blog, I love challenges.  Clearly, though, this time I was out of my depth.

Damned if I even knew where to start.  “Elementary, my dear Watson”, said the little voice in my head.  “For heaven sake, you know you have to start with the letter “A” and then go on, letter by letter!”  “God have mercy” was all I could think as I racked my brain for an idea for a story.

Hmmmm … what about this … or that …. or that … or … ?!”

It could be about my cats, or my career, or my fear of heights or travel or romance or reading or movies or it could be pure fiction, or even a poem, couldn’t it?  “Just start getting something down on paper”, my writing muse suggested.  “Kindly mind your own business”, I suggested back, rather snarkily.

Listen, bitch, I’m just trying to help you”, she quickly retorted.  “Maybe you have a point”, I conceded, trying to make amends for my rude behaviour, without actually having to apologize.  “No worries”, she responded, smiling sweetly.

Okay, ladies, enough already, we’ve got a lot of work to do here, so stop wasting precious time”, my subconscious interjected, with that haughty undertone in her voice I detest.  “Pretentious so-and-so”, I muttered, not so quietly, under my breath, knowing full well she was right.  Questioning my sanity for ever becoming involved in this little project, I huffed off to my office and turned on my computer, determined to sit there until I had something, even if it took all night.

Relax, relax, relax”, I said over and over and over again, almost like a meditation, knowing it’s the only way I can ever come up with ideas.  Slowly I took a deep breath, letting it out just as slowly, again, and again, and again, breathing in and exhaling, breathing in and exhaling.

The next thing I knew, I was jumping to my feet with excitement and, as you can no doubt imagine, relief.  Until that moment I wasn’t sure I could pull it off, and you know how difficult it is for me to admit defeat.

Victory within my sights, the sentences started to flow, one after another, each one beginning with the correct letter of the alphabet.  “WOW”, was all I could think, thanking the Universe for making it so easy, so quickly.

Xmas is definitely coming early this year”, I thought, as I got closer and closer to the end.  “You are now just one letter away from posting this baby”, I shouted, into the air.

Zeal is what you need to pull off something like this”, I thought as I typed in my final sentence, “which is another of life’s more valuable lessons, learned!”

46 thoughts on “Day 356. Twenty-Six …

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  2. Loved it! Pete’s too. Okay, here goes:
    A few hours from now I hope to finish this.
    But it might be a few days.
    Can you wait that long?
    Don’t rush me.
    Enough already!
    Finally, inspiration has come.
    Getting the words down fast.
    Have opened a floodgate.
    I’m loving this!
    Just like Fransi and Pete, I’m up for the challenge.
    Know you two, that I’m right behind you.
    Leaving no moss on this stone!
    Made my day.
    No more doubts.
    Open wide and say, “Ahhhh”.
    Pleased as punch.
    Quote me on that.
    Thought I was going to say “Go” and ruin it didn’t ya.
    Undo what can’t be undone.
    Very sad that I’m almost done.
    What will I do after this?
    “X” marks the spot where a fly just landed on my computer screen.
    You little bugger, you’re history!

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  4. All alone with my thoughts
    Blindingly obvious what is expected of this
    Dutifully I sit myself down
    Escape into my fantasy world
    Grabbing fast at this opportunity
    Have an idea for this piece
    Indeed if I don’t succeed with this
    Keep your distance
    Leave me on my own
    Nerves will be on edge
    Occasional utterances may turn the air blue
    Plus copious glasses of wine may be imbibed
    Questions will surely be asked as to why
    Results were not forthcoming to complete this A-Z
    Talking loudly at the reflection in the mirror
    Verily I say to you
    WordPress really can urge you on to bigger and better things
    Xi for those interested is the 14th letter of the Greek alphabet
    You knew that already – well clever you
    Zonked after all that wine – AH time for some ZZZZZZZ’s

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