Day 360. Countdown Begins …

Well, I’ll be.  Can’t believe it, to tell you the truth.  Here I am, FIVE, count them, FIVE days away from reaching my goal!!  Was it really just under one year ago fivethat I woke up with the crazy idea of blogging every single day for 365 days?  When I wondered:

“Have I got something informative or interesting or engaging or charming or meaningful or amusing to say every day?  Am I disciplined enough to show up here every single day for a year?  Well, we’re about to find out.  Beginning today, and for every one of the next 364 days, my goal is to post something new.  I’ll write about anything and everything.  Whatever pops into my head, grabs my attention, crosses my path, stops me dead in my tracks.  Whatever appeals to me — and whatever will, hopefully, also appeal to you.  Let me know what you think.”

Yes, it was!

As you can see I’m in a celebratory mood.  Thought the moment deserved some bling.

Before I tell you what it’s been like, let me take care of some business:  Over the last several weeks I’ve been asked by some of you, what my future blogging plans are.  Will the gig be up when the year’s up, in other words?  The answer is, I’M NOT GOING ANYWHERE.

My plan is, to keep blogging.  Right here.  In this very same spot.  I enjoy it too much to stay away.  I’d miss the friends I’ve made.  The conversations we have.

I hope that makes you happy.

What I don’t know, yet, is whether or not I’ll blog every day.  Or at least commit to it.  I’ve got 5 days to figure it out.  And you’ll be the first to know.  What I can tell you is, if it’s not every day, it will be damn close.

Very often, in other words.    Because after about six years of blogging I’ve learned the more often, and the more regularly you blog, the better it is.  The better you get.  The more followers you have.

Makes sense.

So, how’s it been?

The short answer is,GREAT.

Never have I had more fun.  If I’m going to be completely honest, which I ALWAYS am, I would have to admit there has been the odd day when I’ve woken up and dreaded the idea of having to blog.  When I’ve woken up “empty”.  Not an idea in my head.  And I’ve cursed myself.  Because I PROMISED myself, and you, I would show up here, every day.  Come hell or high water.  And that’s exactly what I’ve done.  It’s just the way I am.

But those days have been very few and far between.  Maybe six or seven out of — where are we at today — three hundred sixty?  Hardly worth mentioning, really.

Miraculously I’ve always managed to come up with something.  Thank you to the Universe.

For the most part, as I’ve said already, I’ve had a blast.  And there isn’t a day that goes by where I’m not surprised.

Surprised I’ve come up with another idea.

Surprised I’ve been able to turn the idea into a story.

Surprised at the variety of topics I’ve written about.

Surprised at how much of my personal life and dreams and goals and hopes and neuroses and frustrations and opinions I’ve been willing to share.

Surprised at what a positive impact writing this blog everyday, has had on all my writing.

Surprised at how my voice has changed, for the better.

Surprised at how my style has changed, for the better.

Surprised at the ease with which I now write.

Surprised at how many of YOU like what I write well enough, to show up here everyday, with me.

Surprised at all the followers I’ve got.

Surprised in how many countries I’m read.

Surprised at all the comments you leave.

Surprised at all the recognition I’ve been blessed with.

Hmmmmm … I’m getting farklempt (Yiddish for choked up).  I’ll see you tomorrow.  Thanks SO much for hanging in.  ONWARD …

22 thoughts on “Day 360. Countdown Begins …

    • Thank you. I may. I’m just not sure I want to commit to it again. Don’t want to feel obliged or guilty if I can’t, for whatever reason.

  1. I recently 365 days of a poem and drawing a day on my blog & celebrated with champagne!! It was a big decision what to do next – at the moment I am going with a weekly post so i can spend more time on the posts, and also so i can focus on some other projects, and my other blog – but it kind of feels weird not waking up & writing a poem and dong a drawing and then publishing: it became part of my routine!! See how long I last 🙂

  2. Fransi, let inspiration guide you, though blogging everyday does give for some great stuff, like exercizing, right? Anyway you decide the good thing is that we’ll be reading you beyond the 365…btw, are you changing the name of the blog? 🙂 alexandra

  3. This is one addiction that has few side affects and in fact has very many positive effects, no need to let it go, think of it as your morning writer’s exercise before you get back to writing that book you’ve been practicing for. 🙂

    It’s a fabulous achievement and shows you have the discipline for anything you put your mind to. Don’t stop here though, new challenge please. Bonne Continuation!

    • Never looked at it from the perspective that it’s been my ‘practice round’ for writing my book. You’re right, though. It is. Not just the discipline of writing everyday, but also just getting comfortable with baring my soul and speaking my mind. This blog has absolutely done that. I’m not letting it go. Thanks so much for all the encouragement. Much appreciated.

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