Day 361. What the …?

4Since I’ve been hanging around WordPress, I’ve read a lot of blogs devoted to trying to figure out weird and wacky search terms. You know, the frequent flyerones listed on your “stats” page. They can be quite entertaining.

Although I always check mine, I’ve never written about them. Despite the fact I’ve had some doozies. But today I just have to.

Yesterday one of the search terms someone used was “Aeroplan Sex.” Which definitely begs the question, “How did that get them to my blog????” At first I was really perplexed. Stared at it. Scratched my head. Stared at it. Rubbed my chin. Stared at it. Giggled. Stared at it. And kept staring at it.

Then I sort of figured it out. At least I think so. I don’t know for sure, because I didn’t check. It didn’t seem to be a

big enough issue to send me scrolling through 2,786 tags. Yeah, that’s how many I’ve used so far.

Bottom line is, I am thinking I may have used “sex” as a ‘tag’ for one of my posts. In fact I’m pretty sure I did. I have referenced sex from time to time in my stories. My very first was about Fifty Shades of Grey. I also may have used Aeroplan as a tag, as well.

And, as you well know, what we’re doing when we choose our tags is, we’re trying to anticipate what people out there MIGHT use as a search term, in relation to what we’re writing about, in a given post. Because we’re hoping to attract new readers all the time. And it’s very likely they’re going to find us through search engines, like GOOGLE.

What was so arresting about “Aeroplan Sex?” Other than the fact it is somewhat bizarre.

Well, for those of you who do not live in Canada, Aeroplan is a loyalty program. Specifically, a frequent flyer program. When it was first started, in 1984, it belonged to Air Canada, our national airline. Canada’s largest; and also the tenth-largest passenger airline in the world. Without going into all the gory details because it has no relevance to this story, I will tell you Aeroplan is no longer under the direct control of Air Canada. Currently there are almost 5 million active Aeroplan members.

But it was the irony, rather than the silliness of it that got to me. The search term. Aeroplan Sex.

Because if you polled a hundred or a thousand or, probably, even more Aeroplan members, they’d have a sad tale of woe for you. They’d bitch and moan and grumble about an experience. Or two. Or three. Or ten. They’d tell you they’d been SCREWED, in other words.

Redeeming is a nightmare. There are black-out periods. There are relatively few seats available for Aeroplan members on flights. And they’re constantly adding new rules and restrictions. The latest of which is mileage expiration.

Popular destinations must be booked at least a year in advance; and sometimes that’s not even enough. And last minute bookings almost anywhere, even short-haul domestic destinations, are penalized. The last time I tried I would have had to spend more than 250,000 points to fly economy to Montreal, because I tried to book only a few days prior to the departure date.

Needless to say I didn’t book the flight.

It’s a one-hour flight goddammit! It used to cost 25,000 points for an economy ticket. Not sure what it is now, but it sure isn’t anything close to 250,000 points. The only reason I was willing to use (waste) points for what is such a cheap ticket to buy is, I’d been inactive, and was facing mileage expiration.

See? Screwed.

Having said all this, though, I am now wondering if there’s more to it. To the search term. I mean, maybe there’s something going on I know nothing about. Maybe there are some frequent flyers out there having a whale of a time. Having way more fun than I am. Given the mile-high club and all. What do I know? Maybe there’s an Aeroplan version.

So maybe the guy or gal who was “searching”, is on the hunt for something a lot more interesting than my blog. (wink).

Bet they were disappointed, huh!!!!!

Anyhoo … it’s got me curious. So, IF the person who is looking for Aeroplan Sex happens to be reading my blog today, I have a question for you:

Would you mind telling me exactly what it is you’re looking for? And why.

Thanks so much. I’d hate to think I’m missing out on something.

6 thoughts on “Day 361. What the …?

  1. Ha! I’ll bet you never anticipated one of your 365 days would be writing about Aeroplan sex! One of my search terms I highlighted in my year-end post last year was the similar “cartoon airplane porn”! (You can edit the P-word out if you don’t want it mussing up your blog)

    I have found that even throwaway references in my posts that I don’t tag can sometimes draw a search hit. Search engines seem to work in mysterious (but oftentimes funny) ways!

    • You’re right! Never thought I’d be writing about Aeroplan sex. My only disappointment is, I haven’t yet heard from whoever’s looking for it. I really am dying to know what he or she is thinking. Then again, maybe I’m better off not knowing :).

  2. Very curious! I’m thinking you are probably going to have to remain in the dark on this one. I suspect it’s the search engine that has some r-rated code embedded deep in their massive index. Whether by accident or intentionally. We all gotta have some fun once in a while. 🙂

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