Blame it on the drugs

I’m not one to pass the buck. We all mess up from time to time. When I do, I like to own up to it, get it off my chest, so to speak. What can I say? I have a conscience. sorryWell, this past Friday was my day. Not the only time I’ve ever screwed up, by a long shot. Let’s just say it was the most recent.

It wasn’t a mistake, per say. It was an oversight. Make that two oversights. I just realized it, so I’m here to set the record straight.

What I’m referring to is the blog I wrote, about receiving the “Versatile Blogger Award”. To be honest, I wasn’t feeling all that great; and I wasn’t my usual thorough self. There are two bloggers whose blogs I really enjoy, whose blogs I follow; and, had I been thinking clearly, I would have included them on my list of nominees.

They both totally deserve to be there. If I’d been in my right mind, they would have been. Now that the medication’s wearing off a bit, I’d like to correct my error.

Apologies to both Julie and Patricia. I hope you will both accept the award, despite its tardiness in coming to you.

As for all of you who read my blog, here are just a few reasons why you should also read Julie’s and Patricia’s:

  • Where Julie, at Sow, Sew, So, gets all her energy is a mystery to me. She and her husband, Bruce, NEVER sit still. Aside from having full time jobs they are into gardening, sewing, major DIY projects and dogs. They both travel a lot for business, especially Julie. She works in advertising, like I do. Long, long, hours. But still they both find time for all their hobbies. They live in Texas, where it’s apparently not easy to grow things, but you’d never know it. Their urban farm, where they grow all kinds of produce and herbs, looks like they live in the valley of the jolly green giant. Personally, some of my favourite posts are those that feature photos of their wonderful dogs, affectionately known as the 3 G’s: George, Godiva and Guiness. But not to be missed are the photos of the home renovation projects they’ve undertaken this year. You should check them all out, so you can have a true appreciation of just how much they’ve accomplished. And while you’re at it, look for Bruce’s guest posts. He fills in for Julie occasionally.
  • Patricia Sands’ Blog is a favourite of mine because she devotes so much of it to France, where she spends a fair bit of time. I was introduced to Patricia through her first book, “The Bridge Club”, which was reviewed by Claire, on her blog, Word by Word (which I nominated in the past). I enjoyed Patricia’s book because it’s about a group of women who’d been friends from the time they were young girls. I could totally relate to it, as I am lucky enough to have life-long friends as well. Her second book, The Promise of Provence, was published not that long ago and now she’s working on yet another book. In addition to writing her blog AND a newsletter. In addition to attending writers’ conferences here, there and everywhere. Which she writes about in her blog. In addition to leading a group of women on an upcoming trip to Provence, with another one soon to follow. In addition to being a wife, a mom and a grandmother. Another woman, who like Julie, seems to have a limitless supply of energy.

Whew! Maybe they also deserve the inspiring blogger award. They certainly inspire me. What about you?

12 thoughts on “Blame it on the drugs

  1. Lol. Thanks, Fransi! YOU inspire me, remember? And I think we have you fooled. We also spend a lot of time relaxing (like right now), we just happen to think it’s a lot of fun to hang out together and paint the laundry room instead of going to a movie or out for dinner. We’re crazy like that.

    • I know, I know. But I am totally in awe of what you get done in a day!!!!! I know you like doing it. I want some of your vitamins, is all. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Fransi, thank you for this award and your kind words … I gratefully accept them all! You know how very much I respect your writing, so to receive all this bounty from you is indeed an honour!

  3. I’m exhausted just from reading about your nominees’ lives! I have a friend who is like that, she’s a professor of film studies at a local university, and,on her own time she has done half dozen documentaries in collaboration with her peers (two were nominated and one received and Emmy). She’s in Ireland now and on her way to Australia soon working on another documenatary. She takes all the video and audio and then edits it herself. She plays in a Jazz trio, cooks like a dream (all from scratch), builds things, sculpts and armed with only an axe and some other thing you stick in the wood, chopped an entire tree’s worth of wood into logs for her fireplace. (the tree had to come down because it was damaged during a super-storm). These people, I’m convinced, are really from another planet! Oh, and I just love that photo of the puppy you used for this post!

    • Holy cow!! How does she do it? I couldn’t, even in my dreams! Yes, isn’t that little puppy THE cutest? Irresistible.

  4. I continue to be confounded by the energy both yourself and Julie expound, from a writing perspective let alone the physical element, I get tired just reading of both your exploits – not forgetting the input Bruce has both writing and building.

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