Now all I need is waterproof ink …

Funny, I was recently having a conversation with a former colleague about this very subject, and what do you know — it turns up as a Daily Prompt:  shower“When and where do you do your best thinking?  In the bathroom?  While running?  Just before bed, or first thing in the morning?  On the bus?  Why do you think that is?”

For me, it’s in the shower.  There I am, steaming hot water pounding down on me, drenching my hair, cascading down my face, releasing all the tension in my neck and shoulders.  I turn this way and that, making sure every inch of me gets wet.  Making sure every inch of me gets massaged.  Pummelled.  Relaxed.  Rejuvenated.

Without even realizing it, I sigh with pleasure.

There’s nothing better.

Ahhhhhhhh …

I love it.  And as soon as my body gets used to the temperature of the water, I make it hotter.  And hotter.  Until the whole bathroom steams up.

Ahhhhhhhh …

Time passes.  I have no idea how long I’m in there.  Could be minutes, could be hours.  I don’t care.  It’s like I’m in a trance.  Who knows, maybe I am in a trance.  It is indescribably good.

Meditative.  I’m having an almost religious experience.  Right about now I’m thinking how glorious it is to be alive.  A moan escapes my lips.

And bang!!

There it is.  AN IDEA!  And another.  And another.  And another.  Ripples of ideas.  Like orgasms.  I should be so lucky, huh!!??  (It’s amazing how much fun you can have all by yourself, isn’t it??)

Happens every time.  Every single time.  Without fail.

What is it about showers?

My theory is, it’s because I’m relaxed.  My brain is shut off.  I’m in the moment.  Enjoying the solitude.  The tranquility.  The sheer pleasure of the water rhythmically beating down on me.  Enjoying the heat.  The steam.  The hydration.  The experience.

Oh, I am so in the moment.

Ahhhhhhhhh …

My body feels freshly born.

My soul is jumping for joy.

My spirit is free.

My whole being is rejoicing.

My mind is open.

Open to receiving ideas …

My only problem is, I can’t write the ideas down in the shower.  Not without water-resistant paper and ink.  Don’t trust them to memory.  So I have no choice but to turn off the water, grab a towel and re-enter the real world.

A rude awakening.  Cruel, even.

Wonder if water-proof mascara works on bathroom tiles …

28 thoughts on “Now all I need is waterproof ink …

  1. The shower is one of my top two places for thinking. The other is while I’m outside on a long walk. I also wish I’d save my best thinking for when I have a pad of paper and a pen!

    • Yes, long walks work for me, too. I call myself and leave voice mails — which, obviously, wouldn’t work in a showe 🙂

  2. It’s religious to me too and I think you’re right, the heat, most definitely this time of year, and the pummeling are rejuvenating enough to set us straight! Showers are very energizing!

  3. I’ve stopped “writing” in the shower, I would not remember a bit of it when I got out, it’s as if it went down the drain and I realized I didn’t relax as much as when I am just mindfully enjoying the hot water pounding my stiff neck and shoulders…then I went to writing while I washed dishes, you can imagine how long it took me to get the whole kitchen clean: for.ever. So I started writing when I went to bed, that kept me awake till the early hours because, even in my head, I’d edit myself, AAARRGGHH… finally I just plain stopped, I made a conscious effort and stopped writing when I had no keyboard or pen and paper in front… consequently, I’ve written less though I have enjoyed my showers, listened to webinars while I clean the kitchen and have had my 8 hours of sleep…win some, lose you soon Fransi…btw, loved the descriptions 🙂 I felt transported, Alexandra

    • Thanks! Yep, you’ve got to do what works for you. I don’t step into the shower with the purpose of getting ideas — it just happens. And I don’t do the writing. I just jot the idea down so I don’t lose it.

  4. Well, now I know what to get you for a present! My boss gave me waterproof shower paper and two waterproof pencils for Christmas because of the number of times I’ve dreamed something up in the shower. Now I don’t have to track water all over the bathroom (yes, I keep a notebook and pens in my bathroom drawer). The pad and pencils have suction cups so you can attach them to the tiles. Haven’t tried a brainstorming shower yet in 2014, but if it works well, I’ll ask her where she found it and send you one. Can’t hurt, right?

  5. I just have to get up and walk for a bit, and I usually find an idea comes to mind. Or when I’m trying to fall asleep…which is why I keep paper and pen next to the bed.

    • Those work for me too. I have pens and paper everywhere but the shower. But a follower/ friend sent me a link to waterproof paper and she says there are waterproof pens. How great is that??!!

  6. I hear you, Fransi. I don’t know what it is about the shower, but it has the same effect on me. I also do a lot of thinking on my daily run. When I follow that up with a shower… well, look out Albert Einstein! lol!

    • I totally get that. Years ago I lived quite far from the city. And I always had ideas when I was driving back and forth to work. Cost me a fortune in cell phone calls. I was afraid I’d forget the ideas so I was constantky calling myself leaving voice mail messages. Do you do that too?

  7. ROFL ~ I just had a fine chuckle envisioning your shower stall with waterproof ink! I do my best thinking with water too, but I need to be submerged to my neck in a steaming bath (bubbles optional). I keep a small recorder nearby. Maybe you can find a waterproof one, Fransi!

    • Good idea! Although a friend sent me a link to a waterproof ‘paper’ and pen product. I’ll let you know how it works.

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