Remind me NEVER to go to Copenhagen …

I don’t know if you saw the news on the weekend.  I was so stunned, so disgusted, so appalled I could barely breathe.  I still cannot believe it actually copenhagenhappened.

Officials at a zoo in Copenhagen killed a healthy giraffe, cut it up and fed it to the lions.  As if this wasn’t heinous enough, the macabre ‘event’ was open to the public.  And the public came.  With children.  People actually showed up to witness a helpless animal being slaughtered unnecessarily.  And then they watched while the barely dead animal was butchered and turned into lunch for a group of hungry cats.

Can you believe such a thing?

Absolutely horrific.

Sick, sick, sick!!

Emotional as I am, I really try to be a rational, reasonable person.  I more than try, actually.  I work very hard at it.  It’s not always easy.  I try to keep an open mind and give people the benefit of the doubt.  I do believe in the justice system.  I have never been a proponent of capital punishment.  But I’ve got to tell you, there are times I wish we were less civilized and could revert to the “an eye for an eye” principle.

Because trust me, if I was in charge, whoever at that zoo in Copenhagen thought he’d come up with a good idea, would soon find himself an all-you-can-eat buffet.  And I wouldn’t kill him first.  I’d really make the son of a bitch suffer.  And that I’d gladly watch!

Please tell me something will be done about this.  Please tell me criminal charges will be laid.  Please tell me that zoo will be closed down and all the animals relocated somewhere safe.  Please tell me Copenhagen is the last place on earth you’ll visit, the last place on earth whose coffers you’ll fill with your tourist dollars.

You sure won’t be seeing me there any time soon.

Or Russia, for that matter.  I’m not so excited about the fact they’ve been poisoning stray dogs.  This upset me so much it made me think about not watching the Olympics.  That was short-lived, though.  I’ve gotten all caught up in Canadian pride and I’ve been glued to the TV.

What’s wrong with people?  Big game hunters in Texas recently bid for a license to shoot a rhino in Africa.  China is still allowed to have elephants killed for their ivory tusks.  Kill shelters euthanize dogs and cats every day.  And then there’s the whole issue of hunters.  What’s up with that?  And don’t talk to me about overpopulation.  Hunters aren’t concerned with overpopulation — it’s just a convenient excuse to justify their behaviour.  Hunting is about sport.  It’s about trophies mounted on walls.  And it’s about venison burgers.

Tell me why we can’t let nature take care of overpopulation?

Of course why am I surprised?  We have no respect for human life, either.  Innocent men, women and children are killed every day.  In cold blood.  For no reason.  And still, we let people buy guns.

When did we lose our civility?  Our decency.  Our humanity.   Our conscience.  Our brains.

Let’s do something, for God sake.  Enough already.

30 thoughts on “Remind me NEVER to go to Copenhagen …

  1. I was horrified by what happened at the Zoo in Copenhagen too. They justified it by saying that the giraffe was in danger of being killed by the herd. So why didn’t they let nature take its course? I guess there’s no money in that. The fact they opened this macabre event to the public, and that families with children turned-up to witness it, just makes my skin crawl. I’m speechless.

    • It’s so gross I can’t stand it. And in the article I read they said it was to prevent inbreeding. Sounds to me like they need to get their story straight. Not that any version of any story would be acceptable.

  2. Well I didn’t hear about it so now I’m depressed and PISSED! The state of the world, people exploit whatever they can for whatever reason they want apparently. Sorry to hear about this. And as far as YOU’RE concerned you oughta be incensed. As opposed to passive like so many are (that’s the problem isn’t it?)

  3. I’m curious, do you oppose killing any animal for meat? It’s certainly not clear to me why it is any worse to kill a zoo giraffe to feed lions than to kill a cow to feed humans. Or for that matter, since zoos always feed some sort of meat to lions, why it is worse to feed them giraffe meat instead of other kinds of meat.

    • I’m not crazy about the idea of killing any animal for meat. I particularly abhor the conditions many animals are forced to live in while they are waiting to be killed. In the coverage I saw the giraffe was killed to prevent in-breeding. Why would a zoo keep giraffes of the opposite sex together if they are afraid of in-breeding. Sorry, I think it is disgusting and I think the way it was handled is disgusting. Even animals are entitled to respect and dignity and humane treatment.

  4. I couldn’t and still can’t believe it! Horrific and disgusting. I’d like to tar and feather those a-holes and put them on open display for all to see, like they did back in the day. After that let them spend the rest of their lives in a cage (jail).

  5. What a horrible story. And what about the onlookers wanting to gawk at the dissection? I read an article that said all zoos cull animals for a variety of reasons, but most don’t publicise it—in fact, they purposely keep such things away from public knowledge. At the Sydney Zoo last year, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, a baby gibbon who had been abandoned by its mother was put down. I find any story about cruelty to or disrespect for animals almost unbearable to read.

    • Me too. And as for those people who watched the whole thing — and brought children — well I just don’t know what to say. Deplorable on all levels.

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