Dear Santa …

(sigh).  Yes, I know.  It’s probably way too late in the game to be writing you — Christmas is just days away now.  But I’m hoping mailboxthat, somehow, you’ve still got a miracle or two up your fur-trimmed sleeve.  We sure could use one.

You’re probably surprised to hear from me anyway, me being Jewish and all.  But honestly, if ever there was a time to put religion aside and start thinking as ‘one’, this has to be it.

Relax, Santa, it’s not gifts I’m after.  Not the usual kind, anyway.  So there’s no last-minute shopping for you, Mrs. Claus or the elves to do.  No wrapping either.  On the contrary.  I’m thinking you should return all the gifts you’ve already gathered.  That’s right.  Empty that sleigh!

I’m quite sure you read the newspapers, Santa.  And could the news be any worse?  Hostage-taking, beheadings, innocent children murdered for no reason, senseless violence everywhere you turn.  Blood and fragments of skin and bone and guts and brain matter splattered all over the place.  Staining our memories forever.

Hatred, prejudice, racial profiling, religious zealots, cyber attacks, bigotry, misogyny, rape, abuse, torture, terror, unjustly-aggressive police, immorality, corruption, dishonesty, deception, dissension, dysfunction, injustice, inequality, hunger, poverty, mental illness, desperation.

Brutality of all kinds, inflicted upon each other, upon animals and even upon this endangered planet of ours.

Never did I think I’d live in a world so messed up, filled with so many people capable of such atrocities. Inhuman.  Inhumane.  No conscience.  No decency.  No respect for life or even the most basic of human rights.

We see it where we live, right in our own back yards.  We see it in every corner of the world.  In big cities.  In tiny villages.  In third world countries.  From continent to continent.  Among the rich and the poor, the educated and the illiterate.  Evil, it seems, is equal opportunity.  It can fester anywhere, even in so-called civilized societies.  It doesn’t discriminate.  It can, and does, touch us all.  No one is safe.  Nowhere is safe.

And the saddest news of all, the scariest news of all, is that we’re all guilty, even if we haven’t pulled the triggers or carried the swords, built the bombs or made the threats.  Because if we’ve turned the other cheek, if we’ve looked the other way, even once, if we’ve accepted the status quo, even once, if we’ve never questioned what’s going on, if we haven’t insisted on the truth, if we’ve never put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, if we’ve never exercised our rights, if we’ve never demanded change, if we’ve never demanded reform, if we’ve kept our mouths shut — well — what can you expect?  And really, how can we live with ourselves?

It’s ironic.  Thanks to technology we’re more ‘connected’ than any generation has ever been.  And yet, as a human race, we couldn’t be farther apart, more ‘disconnected’.

So here’s what I’m thinking, Santa.  Maybe this year, instead of schlepping all those carefully-wrapped presents from chimney to chimney there’s a better, more important, more meaningful, more productive use of your time.

Just maybe you could find a way to make us all come to our senses.  Give us what it takes to be tolerant and kind and generous and peace-loving.  Give us what it takes to celebrate our differences and find common ground.   Make us less ignorant,  less selfish, less greedy and more compassionate.  Give us the courage and commitment to stand up and be counted.  And most of all, give us the strength and determination to fight all those who would destroy us, so fairness and peace, joy, opportunity and hope are possible for one and all.

Thank you, Santa.  Merry Christmas; and to all a good night!



18 thoughts on “Dear Santa …

  1. Yes. Yes. And Yes. And to do that, We need to have women at the helm–in states, countries, and corporations–making decisions, and changing the culture to a more human-centered, rather than material wealth-centered value system. For this to happen, every women needs to have a sense agency in addition to access to contraception.

    • I agree we need more women at the helm but that doesn’t let men off the hook. We all have to come to our senses and pay attention. And absolutely all women must have access to contraception. Thanks!!

      • Fransi, as a biologist, I do believe that women are (generally) wired differently than men (although of course each person is unique). Men are inclined first to battle and then to seek solutions. Women are inclined to seek solutions and only to battle if something really important is at stake – like children. It’s part wiring and part hormones, and we are swayed by these biological influences without even being aware.
        Apropos the contraception issue, I’ve written a recent series of blog posts on importance of contraception to women’s health, society, and the environment.

      • I agree we’re wired differently and some things definitely come more naturally to women. But I also believe that wiring and hormones aside, men have to get their act together. I am going to check out thise blog posts, thanks for the link.

    • Joe, I am sorry to hear about your wife. I hope she is feeling better now. Merry Christmas to you; and all the best for a happy and healthy New Year!

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