What’s the big deal?

We’re just days into the New Year and here I am, complaining.  Well, not really complaining.  It’s more like ‘wondering’.  Or making empty champagne bottlesan observation.  Or questioning.  I’m confused, is all.  For the life of me I can’t figure out why we make such a big deal out of New Year’s Eve.  Okay, okay, okay, I get the significance of beginning a new year.  Truly I do.  But why the insistence on wearing silly hats and cranking noisemakers and watching balls drop and drinking ourselves into oblivion?  What’s the point of all that?

Speaking strictly for myself, I’ve never liked New Year’s Eve.  In fact, I kinda loathe it.  Too many people trying way to hard to have a good time.  Way too many people who can’t hold their liquor getting way too drunk.  Drunk to the point of crying, drunk to the point of sharing the most intimate details of their lives with virtual strangers, drunk to the point of making passes at their best friends’ husbands (or vice versa), drunk to the point of passing out or, even worse, vomiting all over themselves, and all those unfortunate enough to be close by.

For those who choose to go out, they end up paying more-than-usual for worse-than-usual food and lousy service.  For those who choose to party at home, they’re so exhausted from planning, tidying, shopping, schlepping and cooking I wonder if they really have a good time or just wish everyone would go home early.  And then, when everyone finally does leave, they’re stuck cleaning up the mess.  And trust me, getting rid of confetti is neither easy or fun.  Especially if you have shag carpet, which not many people still do have — although I hear it’s making a comeback.

And then there are all those truly horrid ‘bring-in-the-new-year-with-name of celebrity goes here-shows’ on TV — the worst of which has to be the unlikely duo of Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper.  For those of you lucky enough to not have the foggiest idea of who I’m talking about, Anderson Cooper is a very likeable CNN news anchorman.  As for Kathy Griffin, I absolutely CANNOT stand her.  Her bio says she’s a comedian.  I don’t think there is anything even remotely funny about her, or her schtick.  She’s my idea of the very worst way to spend New Year’s Eve.  I’d rather have a permanent hangover.  Or have my finger nails yanked out with a plier.

So I’m guessing by now you know you should never invite me to a club where she’s performing, right?

Good.  Because I’m not going.

Don’t get me wrong.  It’s not that I’m against celebrations.  I just wonder why we picked December 31.  For instance, why don’t we celebrate Mondays instead?  Personally I think Mondays are misunderstood, under-appreciated and under-valued.

They fall right after a weekend, when we’re well-rested and refreshed.  We should be pumped, don’t you think?

They’re a beginning.  The start of a whole new week.  A fresh start.  We should be excited, don’t you think?

They represent new opportunities, new adventures, second chances.  We should doing a happy dance, don’t you think?

Why, then, do we malign them?  Groan when we think of them?  Moan about them?  Dread them?  Mourn them?  Wish we could make them disappear from the calendar and our lives?

It makes no sense.  No sense whatsoever.  They should, in fact, be our most favourite day of the week.  The day we look forward to, with great anticipation.

The more I think about it, the more I believe Monday needs an advocate.  I am appointing myself.  It is now official.  I am standing up for Mondays.  And you are invited to join me.  Come on.  All together now:  We Love Mondays!!!!  Let’s Hear It For Mondays!!!!  Yay Monday!!!!

Just do me a favour and go easy on the champagne.  Let’s not do to Mondays what we did to New Year’s Eve.

22 thoughts on “What’s the big deal?

  1. New year’s parties I can happily do withoout. But Mondays? Hmmm… Not that it matters to me… carers work 7 days a week all year round… so I never know what day of the week it is anyway! However, the hangover from the 9-5 culture must remain as I cannot bring myself to advocate Monday mornings 🙂

  2. NYE celebrations bring great stories. My favorite was watching a senior staffer go face down in her mashed potatoes because her happy hour was too long. Good thing it happened before cell phone videos! Ok, I’m out of good things about NYE.

  3. I always hated New Year’s Eve for all those reasons, until a few years ago, I realized that it’s a total blank slate of a holiday. There are no traditional NYE foods, rituals, or anything else. Therefore, we can celebrate it however we like. For the past ten years, we’ve had it with our favorite couple at their house or ours. We try to surprise each other with an interesting dinner, make a fire in the fireplace, and talk until midnight. Now it’s one of my favorite holidays. This year, I invited more couples and planned a small, fancy dinner party, but due to illness in the family, had to cancel. I hear, though, that the party is on for next December 31st!

  4. I absolutely canNOT stand Kathy Griffin! Her voice is annoying and her sense of humor simply doesn’t mesh with mine. (I’m more of a Robin Williams and George Carlin fan) Never been big into the whole N.Y.E. thing either. Tried it a couple of times after I hit legal drinking age but just wasn’t impressed. Really didn’t see the whole point of it. Ok, so we’re starting a new year. Big deal. Another day on the calendar! 😉

  5. Here, here, Fransi! I’m with you in the anti-celebratory NYE camp. For years I worked in bars and nightclubs to supplement my income, and this was my least favorite day of the year. Nowadays, I stay home and off the roads and away from the crazies. I hit the sack long before midnight, too, because really, what’s the point of counting down those final seconds? Stupid. 😀

    • I’ll bet NYE is hell for anyone working in the hospitality industry. Hope you at least got some good material for a book out of it :). And while we’re on the subject, all the very best for 2015. Hope life treats you very well and the words just keep flowing 🙂

  6. I SO agree with everything you say in this blog post!! I hate New Years Eve. Since I’ve been single again, I resolutely stay home that day, or go somewhere far out in the country where there are no explosive noises to bear. And I don’t like the woman who appears with Anderson Cooper, either. Can’t stand to watch that. And I love Mondays. I’ll join your Monday appreciation club.

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