Cautiously optimistic …

Yes, I’m superstitious.  And that’s why I try to be careful about making predictions.  Prognosticating.  Assuming.  Planning ahead.  Counting my chickens.  Because the last thing I want to do is jinx bearmyself.  Put a hex on things.  You know.  Screw things up.  And then curse myself forever and a day for having such a big mouth, for blowing it.

So let’s just say the signs are all pointing in the right direction.

Saturday, while I was out and about, I could see that restaurants and cafes had their terraces open; and, people were out there, enjoying the weather.  The streets were packed.  Old folks, youngsters, families, dogs, strollers, bikes, sports cars washed, waxed and polished to within an inch of their lives, convertibles with the tops down, you name it.

Everyone was smiling.  The hot dog vendors were out.  The ice cream shops were doing a very brisk business.  And then Saturday night I went out in only a blazer.  Well, I did have jeans and a top on as well, I wasn’t half naked, if that’s what you’re thinking (what a dirty mind you have).

My point is, it was the first time in what seems like forever I wasn’t bundled up in a coat, and multiple layers of clothing.  And I wasn’t the slightest bit cold.  In fact, I was hot, although that could have had something to do with the fact that I’d just spent an hour and a half howling, non stop, with laughter at Bill Maher.  He was here, in Toronto, and a friend and I went.  My God he was hilarious!

On Sunday I went out without socks.  In a pair of open-toed slip-ins, in fact, with nothing more on than jeans and a T-shirt.  A short-sleeved T-shirt.   Oh joy, oh joy!  All my windows were open in the apartment and I even kept my balcony door open most of the day.  Same thing yesterday.

So tell me.  Are you getting my drift?

That maybe, just maybe, you know, its safe to leave the cave.  To stop hibernating.

Be still my heart.

12 thoughts on “Cautiously optimistic …

  1. We have had the most amazing weather here in the UK – summertime temperatures in April and I keep thinking it’s the summer already. I have even felt obliged to make a start on the garden!

    • I live this time of year! They are predicting colder weather here next week but I am hoping they are wrong. I have seen people working in their gardens here as well.

  2. It sure is great to feel the sun on the back as you take that daily constitutional – without being weighed down with a mountain of clothing – glad you enjoyed the balancing act performed with the alphabet – one has to learn how to pick oneself up after the fall and head for the next hurdle.

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