It seems I’ve undergone a metamorphosis …

… or at least turned over a new leaf.  And not a fig leaf either.  I hate to disappointment anyone but despite the drawing this adam and eveisn’t a post about men and women.  Or sex.  It’s about temptation.  Well, not really, but sort of.  Or resisting temptation.  Sort of, but not really.

A bit of background.

As long as I’ve been earning money I’ve liked gizmos and gadgets.  Well, I’ve probably always liked them.  But it’s only since I’ve been earning my own keep that I could indulge myself and buy them whenever I’ve felt like it.

To be totally honest, “liking” doesn’t really capture it.  It’s more like “I must have that!”  The very instant whatever ‘it’ was, hit the store shelves.  Waiting was agony.  I never had the patience to let them iron out the kinks.  No, I had to have it right away.  Hot off the press, as it were.  I simply couldn’t wait.

Whether it was a car, a computer, a TV, a stove, a sexy mixer I only ended up using once to make a batch of sugar cookies, it didn’t matter.  A new shade of lipstick even.

But something’s happened to me recently.  My iPhone is a 4S.  That’s ancient in technology years.  And mine looks it, let me tell you.  It is battered and bruised and sometimes people give me sideways glances when I pull it out of my handbag.  You know that look.  Part pity (“you poor, poor woman, did your husband make you take his old cast off?”).  Part disgust (“you’re coming into Starbucks with that?”).  Part shock (“surely you jest.  Does that thing actually work?  Even a museum wouldn’t want it.”).  Part horror (“if we ignore her, maybe she’ll leave.”).

For some inexplicable reason, though, I’m hanging on to it.  Never before have I done such a thing.  Never ever.  But here I am, with a phone so old, I can’t upgrade the operating system.  With a phone so old sometimes it takes 10 minutes for Facebook to load.

“Never you mind”, some alien voice inside my head whispers to me.  “This is still working fine.  You just hang on to it for a while longer, dear.”  Which, it seems, I am.

The hard drive on my MacBook Air went bye-bye recently.  In the past I would have been at the Apple Store buying a new one within seconds of hearing the news.  When my tech support genius let me know he’d done some research and there was a product he could order from the US that would allow him to replace the hard drive, it didn’t take two minutes for me to say “okay”.

What!?  Me?  Fransi?  Not even tempted to get a brand, spanking new laptop with all kinds of exciting bells and whistles?  Jeez, Louise, what the hell’s going on?

Am I getting wiser in my old age?  Am I becoming a skinflint?  Have I lost my mind?  Should I be concerned?

It’s not like me to refuse a bite of the Apple.


14 thoughts on “It seems I’ve undergone a metamorphosis …

  1. Great post! I am the poor woman with the hand-me-down iPhone 5 even though AT&T keeps letting me know I’m eligible for the upgrade. But I don’t care. I’ll take the hand-me-down iPhone 6 when this 5 eventually wears out–probably the battery will go first. It’s a perfectly good phone: all I had to do is replace the broken glass. My 4 got sold to gazelle, as did my antiquated but still working (slowly) iPad 1. Long winded way of saying I’m not really buying the hype either.

  2. Detest spending hard earned cash on gadgets – always standing in the wings waiting for family to say just purchased/upgraded, you can have the old one, suits me just fine.

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