Politically speaking …

…it’s no picnic on either side of the border these days.  Here in Canada we’re getting ready to elect a new Prime flagsMinister, or nightmare of all nightmares re-elect Stephen Harper, our current PM; and the U.S. is awash in presidential hopefuls.  All I can say is, God help us all.

Last Thursday night was election overload.  The leaders of our four parties (Conservative, Liberal, NDP and Green) debated from 8 – 10 pm.  And the 10 Republican presidential candidates with the highest polling numbers in the U.S. debated from 9 – 11 pm.  What to watch, what to watch?

For a political junkie like me, it was a true dilemma, made somewhat easier by the fact that the Canadian debate was going to be available on YouTube.  So I watched the first hour of ours and the entire U.S.   By comparison, ours was predictably boring.  How could it not have been?  We have no one here who comes close to The Donald.  Not even Rob Ford, who may be a clown, a boor and a loose cannon, but he’s not nearly as wealthy, as powerful because of his wealth, as educated or as much of a threat.

As far as Canada’s concerned, the only candidate I thought was impressive was Elizabeth May, the leader of the Green Party.  She was strategic, focussed, deliberate, eloquent, extremely well-prepared, knowledgeable and sure of herself.  But she’s in the wrong party because they don’t stand a chance.  Not a hope in hell.  Not even if hell freezes over.  Our loss, because she’s smart.

Mulcair (NDP) didn’t inspire me, although I was hoping he would.  Trudeau (Liberal) didn’t either.  And that leaves us with Harper (Conservative), who I really do not like or trust.


We’re not in a happy place.  And our election is coming up fast — unlike the Americans, who still have some time to get it together and ask themselves if they really want a narcissist with anger management problems and an absolutely vile mouth leading the country.

Not that Americans have a plethora of good options either.  Because despite the insanely large number of candidates running in the U.S., at least in the Republican party, the pickins’ are equally slim whichever flag you wave.


What will become of us?


4 thoughts on “Politically speaking …

    • It really is a nightmare. Intellectually (and rationally) I know you’re right but I just cannot stand the man. When was the last time there was a political candidate you could trust and was truly capable? Anywhere in the world?

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