You’re never too old to change your mind …

I’ve always dreaded Fall.  Silly really, especially as it’s probably one of our most beautiful seasons; autumnbut in all honesty I’ve never appreciated it because winter follows, and I certainly couldn’t be called a cold weather enthusiast.

Something’s happened though and, dare I say, autumn is fast becoming my favourite time of year.  I know, perhaps I should lay down and see if it passes.

First off, there’s the colours.  Some of the reds are so intense, so almost neon it’s as if the leaves are on fire.  And all the different shades of yellow and gold and orange and rust and green and even chartreuse, all mixed together willy nilly, as only nature could ‘paint’ it.  Takes your breath away, it does.

Plus there is definitely something to be said for putting on a cozy sweater, wrapping a scarf around your neck and going for a long walk.  Especially when the sun is shining brightly and, because of it, you don’t feel any chill in the air at all.  It’s just lovely and crisp.  You can walk, at a brisk pace, for hours and never feel even the slightest bit sweaty.

And speaking of crisp, what’s more delicious than biting into a gorgeous, tart, crunchy apple?  I used to love Granny Smith’s, but I am now addicted to Honey Crisp.  And I am finding them a very pleasant change from all the peaches and plums and nectarines I pigged out on all summer.

As the days pass I also find myself going through my cook books and lingering at recipes for bolognese sauce, hearty soups and stews, looking at lamb shanks and short ribs and parsnips, beets and other root vegetables in the grocery store.

What have I missed all these years when I longed for 365 days of summer?  All I can say is if, come December and January, I start waxing poetic about snow and ice and below zero temperatures please call my doctor.  There’s no telling what I might do next.

Oh dear.

19 thoughts on “You’re never too old to change your mind …

  1. I love the colours of autumn and don’t mind the change in temperature – I look forward to chunky jumpers and scarves and winter stews. But then it doesn’t get nearly as cold here in the UK!

  2. Fransi, waxing poetic can’t wait – love the season of autumn also for many of the reasons you mention – great time of year for taking the camera for long walks, then sitting by a log fire flicking through the days rambling – with a glass of wine of course.
    Great to catch up again.

      • Found it, but how do I follow or indicate I’d like emails whenever you post. I was able to do that on your previous blog. Also could not “like” or comment. I do have bad technology karma so feel free to tell me what I’m missing here.

      • Hi Fransi, thanks for taking the time to check in on me – you have found if you you find a poem and scroll down all the information you require should be there I am still learning about it myself so it is still a little all over the place, there is spoken word, written word and so on, if you continue to have a problem let me know, thanks again – Chris.

  3. Love the pleasant sunshine and colours of many lovely autumn days spent in England, Germany and Switzerland. Henry Longfellow said “Autumn is the funeral of the dying year” and indeed, the winter is around the corner, and one can’t help feeling the rare coolness gradually settling in our tropics – after days of scorching heat followed by incessant rain which is of course familiar to you, Fransi, my friend.

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