A classic tale of good versus evil …

Are you familiar with the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?  It was written by Robert Louis Stephensonjekyll and hyde in 1886.  Essentially it’s about the two personalities that live within Dr. Jekyll — one being good, the other evil.

Could have been written about Donald Trump.

I met him once, you know.  It was a very long time ago.  Not long after he married his first wife, Ivanna.  She was a model, one of Montreal’s most sought after. I was working in the fashion industry at the time, for the designer, Leo Chevalier.  She was one of our favourites and we booked her constantly.

What I remember vividly is how, after she got married and moved to New York, she never abandoned all the models she’d worked with in Montreal.  In fact it was The Donald who encouraged her to keep in touch with them; and went so far as to invite them, often, to their New York apartment and Mar-A-Lago, their home in Palm Beach which Donald later turned into a very posh hotel.

Something a mensch would do.  Something we’d never associate with today’s Donald.

When Leo launched his fur collection in New York, Ivanna was invited.  Considering she was now married to a millionaire, nobody expected her to show up.  Well she did, with Donald. They came back stage before the show, stayed for it and hung out with all of us for quite a while afterward.  He could not have been nicer, more polite or more charming.  It certainly seemed sincere.  I have a great bullshit meter and it never went off.

Everyone was really taken with him.

So what the hell has happened?  What caused him to become this bloated, florid-faced, foul-mouthed, hurtful, hateful, freakish pig?  He sure is an entirely different person from that slim, nice-looking, understated, reserved young man with the absolutely flawless manners.

Yeah.  It’s classic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

It’s too bad I’ll never meet him again.  There’s a ton of questions I’d like to ask him, starting with what he thinks caused his personality change.  He’s been a boor for a long time now, it hasn’t just started with his bid to become President.  His behaviour, and his mouth, are certainly worse than ever, but he’s been an asshole and an embarrassment for a while.

First question I’d ask is why he didn’t run as an Independent from the get-go.  All he does is scream about how politics is broken, how bad and how stupid the establishment politicians are and how Americans are so fed up with them.  There I think he has a valid point.

But it’s not just the democrats who’ve screwed things up.  The Republicans have done more than their fair share to contribute to the mess the US now finds itself in.  There are just as many establishment Republicans as establishment Democrats.

Wouldn’t you think, therefore, running as an Independent would have really made his case that’s he’s the outsider who’s perfect for the job?  It would have distanced him from the very thing he insists is wrong with American politics today.

Maybe he’s not as brave, or as sure of himself, as he’d like us all to believe.

And then I’d like to know why he insists on making everything personal?  What do Carly Fiorina’s looks have to do with her ability to be President?  Or Hilary Clinton’s bathroom breaks?  Or the perspiration on Marco Rubio’s face?  These slurs he makes about people are not only offensive and mean-spirited they’re irrelevant and completely inappropriate.

Especially coming from a man who describes himself as the best educated person ever and constantly brags about going to the Wharton School.

Frankly, if he’s the kind of ignorant individual they turn out I can’t imagine why anyone would want to go there.

Some example he’s setting, not just for the American people, but for all human kind, everywhere — not to mention his own children and grandchildren.

Among other things, he’s a bully, a verbal and emotional abuser who seems to think it’s just fine to insult, demean, call people “losers” and generally attack everyone who dares to disagree with him so viciously if it was a physical fight he was engaged in, instead of a verbal one, his opponents would be left bruised, beaten, bleeding and even dead in the street.

Saddest of all, though, is the fact that, for his fans, he seems to have specifically targeted the ugliest side of human nature, and all those who share his lack of character.  Donald Trump is a man whose election platform is really just about one thing:

‘Hatred.’  And he sure is stirring up an absolute shit storm of it.

One day, a long time from now, when he’s looking back on his life I wonder if he’ll finally realize that of all the things a man in his position could have left behind as his legacy, he will be remembered not for “making America great again” but for the exact opposite:

For causing America to sink to depths lower than anyone would ever have imagined.


16 thoughts on “A classic tale of good versus evil …

  1. I’m on the wrong side of the pond to get involved in US politics, but this guy is stirring up emotion worldwide… and none of it is good. Except, perhaps, the number of people standing up AGAINST the crap he is attempting to spread.

  2. Indeed he was a charmer, I remember those days so clearly. Since the root of hatred
    is fear, I wonder what is he afraid of?

    • Very good question Monica. And whatever it is he is completely paranoid. And they say he is a total germaphobe too. Very scary.

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