Interesting how some people can get away with murder …

In June of 2013 the then 16-year old Ethan Couch was driving, illegally on a restricted license, while scalesdrunk. He lost control of the car and killed four people.

As his defense, his lawyers said he suffered from “affluenza.”  In other words he was a spoiled rich kid who was given money, but little else.  He had no idea what it was to be accountable for his actions.  Unbelievable as it may sound, it worked.  He was sentenced to 10 years of probation (which he violated when he attended parties where there was alcohol) and therapy at an in-patient facility.

Last month he disappeared.  His probation officer couldn’t reach him and a manhunt ensued.  Nine days ago he and his mother were found in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Believe it or not he was granted an injunction against his deportation.  His mother was deported to the US on charges that she’d hindered apprehension.  That’s the least of it as far as I’m concerned.

But money talks.  And we all know he’s probably never going to serve even a day of time.  And if you believe he’ll straighten himself out and become a model citizen I have some swamp land in Missouri you might be interested in.

Then there’s Bill Cosby.  Dating back as far as the mid sixties he has been accused, by more than 50 women, of either rape, drug facilitated sexual assault, sexual battery, child sexual abuse and/or sexual misconduct.

Absolutely staggering.

More staggering, however, is the fact that, to date, he’s gotten away with it.  Blame it on the statute of limitations — but mostly on his celebrity.  Would you have had the balls to take on one of the world’s most beloved and adored comedians/actors/authors?  I rest my case.

In a deposition he gave in 2005 he admitted to “casual sex, involving use of Quaaludes, with a series of young women,” including an admission that his use of drugs in the 1970s was “illegal.”

What were the consequences?  He settled with his accuser.  No jail time, no justice.

Guess she decided the money wasn’t enough because he was arrested on the second last day of last year, and released on $1 million bail.  What really got me was the “performance” he gave as he arrived at the courthouse.  He looked disheveled and confused, seemed to have trouble seeing, walked with a cane and tripped and almost fell.


It is true that I am a cynic.  But forgive me, his deposition is an admission of guilt.  He could finally be forced to pay the piper — and I don’t mean with cash.  So what do they do?  Make him look like a frail old man who should be pitied, not jailed.  They are playing the “he-is-78-years-old-do-you-want-him-to-die-in-jail” card.

How much do you want to bet he gets away with it?  Money, power, fame and years of award-winning acting experience to the rescue.

On the other hand, can you imagine what the outcome might have been for these two if they’d been poor nobodies?  And what about all those young black boys being slaughtered by police all over the US?  Young black boys who never get justice because the officers are never convicted — even when there is video evidence that clearly shows what happened.

The system needs a major overhaul.  We need to get over our fear of authority — when those who are supposed to be upholding the law end up breaking laws we have to demand they are punished. And we need to get over our obsession with the rich and the famous, our refusal to believe they can do wrong and our inability to make them accountable.

We’re the problem.  We allow them to get away with it.



14 thoughts on “Interesting how some people can get away with murder …

  1. Hear hear, Fransi! The same goes for sportsmen who seem to get off lightly with all sorts of heinous crimes: if they were Jim Nobody down the road, they wouldn’t.
    A (formerly) revered expatriate Australian entertainer, Rolf Harris, was jailed in the UK in 2014 for 5 years 9 months, when he was then 84, for sexually assaulting four girls. He has about 4 years to go. Others have made complaints, but these charges have been dropped. I feel sorry for his family, but I feel even more sorry for the women who were his victims, and for their families. He has lived most of his life doing the career he loved and making lots of money, yet he wasn’t made to pay any compensation to his victims.

    • Yes, Caron, I agree. The same must apply to sportsmen. Our value system has gone down the tubes. We make heroes out of people who are anything but. And I’m with you on Rolf Harris. I don’t feel sorry for him, I feel sorry for his victims and their families. He should be in jail.

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