I’ve finally had enough …

I’m a political junkie.  As if you didn’t know.  I’ve ranted and raved and shared my views oftenTurning Back enough here.

But both the constant Obama bashing and the presidential race are just getting way too ridiculous and I can’t handle it any more.  I’ve got to  walk away before I totally lose my mind.

So for the first time ever I didn’t watch the State of the Union address.  What’s the point?

Obama’s been pissing into the wind for just about eight years, and it’s certainly not about to change at this late stage.  He’s done.  His time’s up.  Even if everything had gone well for him, nobody’d be paying attention to him now.  This is when sitting presidents start looking over the architectural drawings for their libraries, start making notes for the books they’ll be writing and start looking for their next gig.

It’s also the time when Americans turn their attention to who gets to move into the White House next.  A whole other can of worms, as it turns out.  What a flipping joke (except it’s not funny — or at least it won’t be come this time next year when the wrong candidate wins and takes over.)

Which is the perfect segue into the rest of this sad tale.  I didn’t watch last week’s Republican or Democratic debates either.  The mud-slinging has finally gotten to me.  It was bad enough when it was just Donald Trump who was attacking his fellow candidates (and Hilary Clinton) about personal issues that have nothing to do with being president.

But now they’re all getting in on the act.  I saw a clip on the news on debate night where Carly Fiorina said “unlike some candidates I actually enjoy spending time with my husband.”  Or words to that effect.  Give me a break already!  Come on!  This kind of commentary is debate-worthy?  This is the kind of information Americans voters will base their decisions on?  Seriously?  

Just when you think it can’t sink any lower, it does.

As for Ted Cruz’s eligibility, if this is really an issue can someone please explain to me why some body of the government (and God knows there’s enough of them) hasn’t stepped in, put an end to the endless speculation that’s going nowhere and asked him to resign from the race? Why isn’t it going to the courts? Either it’s a problem or it isn’t a problem.  Let’s move on.  (And by the way, don’t be thinking you can send him back to Canada because we don’t want him.  He’s all yours.)

And let’s not even talk about gun control.  That just freaks me out all together. So I’ve tuned that conversation out, too.

See what I mean?  It’s all just too unbearable.  And the worst part is, the sorriest state of affairs is, the most alarming, disappointing and shocking news of all is, the huge (and growing) number of Americans falling for all this nonsense.  It astounds me.  I completely understand the frustration, disappointment and even anger.  I agree that the establishment politicians have let the people down — and not just Obama, either.  It’s been going on for a long time.

However, voting with your emotions instead of your brains is not the answer.  As everyone’s going to discover, to their horror, in January 2017 if they don’t come to their senses pretty damn quickly.

So now you understand why I have disengaged.  I cannot bear to watch this debacle.  And thankfully this isn’t my fight and, therefore, I don’t have to.

Now that I’ve got all this time on my hands Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal can’t start soon enough for me.

8 thoughts on “I’ve finally had enough …

    • It has turned into a circus. Terrible. People are just not thinking this through. I honestly can’t believe this is happening. It’s terrifying.

  1. Trump is running this just like his reality shows. It all started way too early for me and it seems that anybody can say anything and the lies are so invasive that the “truth police” can’t keep up. The whole thing is indeed scary considering how much “world power” this country has. I don’t understand how people fall for all this showmanship. I may be moving to Canada.

    • That’s exactly what he’s doing and his fellow candidates are now beginning to do the same. Shocking, all of it. And dismaying. I hope we (Canadians) stick to our principles and don’t decide to emulate what’s going in to the south of us.

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