Who knew an elbow could cause such an uproar?

Canada’s House of Commons came to a virtual stand still last week. Prime Minister Trudeau was liontrying to get a bill passed. Bill c-14. Doctor-assisted suicide.

Yes, it’s a contentious issue, but it’s a conversation we must have, one that’s long overdue. And good for him for having the balls to bring it up.

But I digress.

There’s a June 6 deadline on the Bill, handed down by the Supreme Court. It was being hotly debated and contested. Everyone was getting more than a little testy. They
weren’t getting anywhere with the agenda.

Several members of the NDP, including Tom Mulcair, were blocking the aisle. Trudeau got frustrated. While it probably wasn’t the smartest move he could have made, he walked across the floor to help Gord Brown (Conservative party Whip) move through the crowd and return to his seat so they could vote. What he didn’t know was that NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brousseau was standing behind him and when he extended his arm to Brown, he (Trudeau) inadvertently hit her in the chest with his elbow.


The outrage. The uproar. The chaos.You would have thought a room full of tired and hungry three-year olds were just told they couldn’t have any more candy.

The ranting. The raving. The accusations. He was accused of “manhandling” Mr. Brown. He was criticized for “intentionally attacking Ms Brousseau.” The gender card was played, and it was said that everyone was “traumatized.” I, myself, saw more than six different articles in Huff Post Canada right after the incident. It went viral on Facebook and Twitter. It’s still being covered in all the newspapers and on TV news.

The Canadian economy sucks. Unemployment isn’t getting any better. The fire that destroyed most of Fort McMurray Alberta is still burning. Sixty-six people, including two Canadians, one child and two infants perished, last week, in a plane crash that could very well turn out to be yet another act of terrorism. If Kim Jong-Un’s nuclear weapons don’t get us, global warming will. And all this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Did I mention that he (Trudeau) apologized immediately and several times since?

Don’t we have more important things to worry about?

It was a mistake, for God sake! Anyone who really believes that our Prime Minister purposely attacked this woman is delusional.

If only our lawmakers, elected officials and the media cared this much about the thousands upon thousands of men, women, seniors and children who are physically, sexually, verbally, emotionally and financially abused every year.

This is nonsense.

Childish. Churlish. A room full of adolescents having a temper tantrum on the taxpayers’ dime. We are picking up some very bad habits from all the hateful Tump and Sanders supporters. Not to mention how the Republicans have behaved toward Barack Obama and his agenda.

We deserve better. Our country deserves better. The terminally ill deserve better. This Bill deserves better. Oh yes, the Bill. It now looks like it will miss the June 6 deadline.








4 thoughts on “Who knew an elbow could cause such an uproar?

  1. This happens in the US all the time. Maybe not an elbow but a constant rehashing of something that was unintentional and even worse, unimportant. Seriously, what about world peace? Get a grip people!

    • It drives me insane. It would never be tolerated in the private sector and shouldn’t be here either.

  2. I watched the tape several times, what a drama queen Ms Brausseau is, he hardly touched her from what I could make out, I watched in slow motion, she should get an Oscar, pathetic behavour indeed

    • He did hardly touch her, but that’s not even the point. He didn’t mean to do it. I get “elbowed” walking down the street or on the subway or in the line at Starbucks all the time. Nobody’s doing it on purpose. Mulcair and his gang were deliberately blocking the way for anyone to move and nobody will ever convince me that wasn’t done on purpose. They don’t want to know from the Bill itself and they’re pissed off because there’s a deadline on it. If this is how Mulcair thinks he’ll rebuild his credibility as a party leader, and the party itself, he needs to give his head a shake. He looks like the idiot he is.

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