What the 2016 Presidential race is not …

Sorry to spring this on you so late in the game, but you’re all barking up the wrong tree. This election isMale and Female Logic not about the Democrats, the Republicans, the Independents or the Socialists. It’s not about insiders versus outsiders. It’s not about gender, it’s not about age, it’s not about experience or the lack there of.  And sadly, it’s definitely not about the issues.

This race is about rational versus irrational. From the candidates, to their surrogates, to the parties, to the pundits, to the media, to the voters themselves. And that’s what makes it so unpredictable, so terrifying and so unbelievable.

Anyone thinking rationally would know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Donald Trump is dangerously insane. Anyone thinking rationally would know that not voting for Hillary, or not voting at all, hands Trump a victory; the thought of which should scare the shit out of them.

As for Sanders’ disciples, the first thing they’d know, if they were thinking clearly, is the fact that he lost. He is no longer in the running. He is not going to Washington, he is going back to Vermont. They’d know that by overstaying his welcome, which is what he’s doing, he runs the risk of pissing voters off and he loses power. They’d know it’s time to get with the program.

They’d know that Donald Trump is the poster boy for the 1% they despise and if he becomes President, the reforms they’re after don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of ever seeing the light of day and their lives will become immeasurably worse.

But they’re not thinking rationally. Revolutions are never about being rational. And revolutions are what both Trump and Sanders are selling.

The problem is, now that sane people are starting to mess their pants over the seriousness of the situation, what they’re doing is spewing out rational messages, in the hopes they’ll get through to all those fools. To quote Tony Soprano, “fuggedaboutit!” 

They are not listening. They don’t get it. They don’t want to get it. Your message is falling on deaf ears.

Accept it. The die hards, the crazies, the idealists, whether they’re for Trump or Sanders, are not budging. Nothing will convince them because they don’t want to be convinced. So I hope Hillary sticks to her principles and endorses the changes she believes in, makes them her own, and doesn’t treat Bernie like a grenade that’s about to explode. Because it won’t help. She will not get those voters, with or without his help, with or without his endorsement, with or without concessions on her part.

She, and the Democratic party, have to concentrate on the voters they can get, regardless of party affiliations. Those voters, on every side of the aisle, who are disenchanted (or not) with Washington but know in their bones that Trump isn’t the solution, and that Sanders wasn’t either.

Those voters who are receptive to hearing a rational argument, from a rational candidate who, like it or not, represents the only rational choice.

And then she better make damn sure she delivers or watch out. And duck.



2 thoughts on “What the 2016 Presidential race is not …

    • Tell me about it. He seems to be in some trouble at the moment. Let’s hope it continues and common sense prevails.

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