At a loss for words

It’s too much.silence

All the hatred, all the violence, all the death, all the destruction.

I can’t believe it’s become a part of our daily lives.

I can’t believe there are those who still refuse to
acknowledge there’s a problem.

I can’t believe there are those who think a minute of silence can compensate, can overcome, can heal, can solve.

Can make it all go away.

Not with a minute of silence. Only a minute of silence. 

This is not how you honour the dead.

This is not how you comfort the bereaved.

This is not how you alleviate the pain and the suffering and the loss.

Not with a minute of silence. Only a minute of silence. 

This is not how you wipe away the tears and the blood.

This is not how you stop it.

This is not how you prevent it.

Not with a minute of silence. Only a minute of silence.

Only a minute of silence. That’s why it continues to fester, to ooze like an ugly, open, puss-filled, odorous wound that keeps spreading, keeps infecting more and more people every minute of every day.

Only a minute of silence. That’s why the sound of sirens has become the soundtrack of our time. Sirens and gunshots. And mothers and fathers and sons and daughters and sisters and brothers and friends and even strangers, united in grief. Crying. Wailing.

We used to hear laughter. Not so much anymore.

Not with a minute of silence. Only a minute of silence.

Protesting has accomplished nothing.

Replaying the images, the horror over and over and over and over again has only fanned the flames.

Frustration and impatience have incited more violence. More violence makes it worse. So much worse.

So, what to do? Where’s next? Who’s next? What’s next?

Not with a minute of silence. Only a minute of silence.

I am stunned this is still happening. I have no words. There is nothing to say.




20 thoughts on “At a loss for words

      • Only I believe if we begin teaching peace from infancy and that war and hatred has no place in this world – then again there are some minds you will never change unfortunately.

      • Yes. Sad when innocent infants come into this world free of hatred and learn it, from infancy, from their parents and other adults around them. It astounds me to see just how much hatred there is. I don’t know if it’s worse or if we just never knew the full extent of it before 24 hour cable news, social media and phones with cameras that allow private citizens to become photo journalists. Staggering!

  1. Fransi,
    I share your horror at what is going on. What else is there to say? What else can be said? The first step is to admit we have a problem, a serious one. We can’t even seem to agree on that. But as CJ said, the poison was always there.

    • Yes, that is the first step and far too many refuse to take it. There is nothing that can be said. That’s the horror of it. I walk around shaking my head in disbelief.

  2. This is how the Nazi party began to dominate decent citizens in the 1930. Foment a non existent issue and make it violent as the way to address it. 1930’s, Jews, 2016, non existent race wars. Before the ass hat in the white house came along with his vitriol and divisiveness, the majority of blacks and whites got along. Especially down here in the south. (Up north is where most of the self loathing takes place, and that comes out as lashing out at others for their self hatred.) The only way to change anything is to stand for the truth.

      • Karron, I don’t agree with much you said. I don’t understand your “truth.” You just demonstrated divisiveness when you noted a difference between north and south; how you referred to President Obama; and how you well you think whites and blacks got along. At least, I assume you were talking about the President. After eight years, that shouldn’t be so hard to say. As he said in 2008, he is your President, too. Maybe there is a little truth to what you say when you mention what’s happened to race relations since Obama became President. From my perspective, I think there has been a backlash against blacks. While this post does not state it explicitly, I think that you can’t have a conversation about the horrors of the police murders without also addressing on equal standing the horrors of police misconduct and unwarranted use of deadly force against blacks. In recent weeks, the two are interlinked. It is a scary world now. I don’t know how we expect police to feel safer about doing their jobs if anyone can openly (or concealed) carry guns. Add their personal biases about how they feel about WHO is carrying the guns and you’ve compounded the problem. So much to say on this one….

      • I completely agree with you and also disagree with everything Karron said. And you’re right — I didn’t say it explicitly but this post IS about police misconduct against blacks and violence against police — and, for that matter, all the terrorist attacks we’ve been witness to. There is a problem with racism in the US and until it is acknowledged it can not be resolved. There is a problem with hatred everywhere and unfortunately there are those who believe unleashing it will bring them greatness. We’re in a sad and sorry state.

  3. Yes, I so agree. Thank you for this. I don’t understand how people can think this is not an issue/has not been an issue for hundreds of years. The external forces change a bit, but not the issues of fear of unknown, fear of difference, self-loathing and bullying…on and on. I’m at a loss too. I keep speaking out as a white person, at least not being silent.

    • It’s all we can do Lucia, speak out. And pray that sooner, rather than later, the politicians, lawmakers, educators and the public come to their senses, admit there’s a problem and find a way to deal with it. Because if they don’t the consequences will be even more grave than what’s going on now. I cannot understand why this is so difficult for some people to grasp.

  4. So, you lot seem to think I am a racist, or whatever, because I am telling you what MY experience with the black and white people in the south has taught me. Okay. Soooo, your point? Look, I have lived in 11 countries, ONLY in the US do we have this idiocy of promoting a race war. In England, New Zealand, Germany, any other place I have lived, people are just people. Skin color does not matter. Here it is promoted by the progressive left who have done their best to keep black people divided by their color. It began after the Civil War and it continues today. I assume, and that may be asking too much, that you DO know the background of the democratic party and their promotion and development of the KKK and all the Jim Crow laws that abound throughout the US. It started in the south, but it spread across the country like wild fire.

    After the Civil War, many black men were elected to state and federal positions, as soon as possible the white democrats kicked them all to the curb using the Jim Crow laws, continuing the division between blacks and whites. Then came good old Woodrow Wilson, who was a hugs supporter of Margaret Sanger, and who supported eugenics. That means the killing of all babies she thought were being born to people who were obviously too flawed to be real humans. All blacks, many of the uneducated, Catholics, Jews, and the poor. Nice people.

    Following them of course, is Johnson, who as soon as Kennedy was dead, brought in the lovely Great Society. It is well known that he loathed black people and thought that they were sub human. So, since he couldn’t enslave them like they used to be, he and his cronies come up with a GREAT idea! Wanna guess? No? Let me enlighten you a bit.

    1. First, make welfare easily available and pack it with all sorts of goodies, based on how many kids you have and how much you can scam the system.
    2. Emasculate the men of color. Make big daddy government in charge and tell them that they are no longer needed to keep a family solvent.
    3. Tell them that they are victims, victims, victims, over and over and over until all the kids believe it, and they stop striving to improve and learn. After all big daddy will take care of them.
    4. Tell them they don’t need to work. And kids drop out of school to hang on the corner Uninspired, uneducated kids end up getting into trouble. Soon, it becomes cool to be a loser with no ambition or dreams.
    5. Then tell them that family isn’t important. Take that and add to it the way in which black women are encouraged to abort their children, and make it government supported and suddenly there is no reason for a mom and dad, because if a girl gets pregnant, there are no consequences.
    6. Fast forward to present day, and you have the creep in the white house promoting racism by continuing the false narrative that black people are victims, and all white people OWE them because we are ALL racists at heart.
    7. With no one to teach the last three generation of men how to BE leaders and men of authority and strength, most young men haven’t a clue what real men are like. So they start looking up to the strong man in their area – drug dealers, thugs, pimps, etc. and decide to emulate them.
    8. With no man to teach them right from wrong and the value of respect, they have none for anyone except the strong man among them who keeps them in line with violence and anger.
    9. Therefore, cops, among any others with authority, is treated like they are the enemy. And that is founded on the way in which SOME bad cops treated them before folks learned better. Like 40 years ago. Yes, there will always be someone who is an asshat that wants to force respect and control, but they are few and far between.
    10. Now we have thugs and criminals in charge and everyone is afraid to stand up to them. Cops just doing their jobs and killed, targeted, and the thugs in the bogus BLM groups are scream kill all the white babies! Murder all the white people! And cops still go out and do their job with huge targets on their backs.

    Now, compound the issue with the still progressive slave overseers on the plantation of the democratic party bringing people on stage who are screaming that their son was killed by cops and it is all the fault of the cops. Really? Check their kids police record first, enlightening stuff. But, hey, more money for them paid by the city who is afraid to stand up to evil.

    But, I am a racist. As a life long conservative, I am ANTI anything the democrat progressives promote – like modern slavery via welfare and their desire to destroy the black family and dreams. So, I am a racist. Really? I make things divisive by saying that folks up north are different concerning race than down here. Because, ladies and gents, I have lived up north, and there is a difference in attitude. I don’t know why, but there is a lot more racism from both sides there than there is here. Probably one reason is that we have learned by living in close proximity that we need to cooperate and get along to get anything done.

    When I was a kid the black people in town may have lived in their own community, but there were doctors, lawyers, business men, clergy, teachers, writers, artists, musicians, hard working men and women who had pride in themselves and in their community,. They had dreams, plans for the future, plans to help their kids be better, do better, live better than they did. They had honor, and integrity. Many black people today have that same drive and ambition and honor. But many many more have bought into the progressive victim propaganda and as such have lost their way.

    I honestly don’t care what color anyone may be. I have lived in far too many places to see people as anything other than people. Maybe with different customs and social behaviors, but still just people. It pisses me off that in this day and age people in the greatest country in the world (even with an ass in the white house) is willing to fall for this crap. Racism is a state of mind, so just change your damned mind and get over it. Too many folks on both sides of the issue are caught up in the blame game and victimization and white guilt. Get over yourself. And get RACE out of the politics. At the same time, more and more black folks around here are standing up to the BLM crap and telling them to piss off. The whole BLM thing is bogus.

    ALL lives matter, cops, black, white, asain, hispanic, green, yellow, rainbow alphabet, men, women, children, and undecided. NO ONE is better than anyone else, but then, I am divisive and racist. Actually, what I am is fed up with the navel gazing, arm chair, holier than thou, progressive idiots who want to keep blacks enslaved and whites superior – but then, I must remember I am a racist.

    • You need to relax and it might help if you had actually read what I wrote instead of what you wanted to read. I didn’t call YOU a racist. I said there is racism problem in the US, which there is.

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