A word to the not-so-wise …

I’ve got two cats. Sundance, a ginger tabby, and Bartlett, pictured here on the right. They’re quiteIMG_0352 different.

Sundance is interested in food, me and getting into trouble. When I’m on my computer for too long he sits on the keyboard. When I’m trying to get dressed to go out he swats at me incessantly. If I ignore all his efforts to get my attention he misbehaves. Television bores him to tears and if I put it on, he either barrels out of the room or goes to sleep.

Bartlett can’t get enough of me either and loves cuddling more than anything, except watching TV with me. He loves TV, except news. When the news comes on, he huffs off.

Mock me if you will, but I’m telling you, he actually watches. And often he’ll turn to me, during a show, and start talking — not in human language — but still he is saying something. And if I answer, which I do just to see what’ll happen next, he’ll keep the conversation going. I assure you I am not out of my mind, there is a point to this admission:

Recently I’ve noticed that whenever Donald Trump is speaking Bartlett jumps off the couch and goes into my bedroom. It happens every time.

Animals are very astute. They know when someone is afraid of them; and they also know who to trust and who’s a threat. Now I admit this instinct usually kicks in when a human and an animal are in the same place or room, not when the human is blathering away on a screen. But clearly there is something in the tone of Donald Trump’s voice, in the anger and hostility and the pitch that is putting my cat off.

So how many people voted for the Donald in the primaries? If memory serves, it’s about 13-odd million, right? (odd being the operative word here).

Well here’s what I have to say to them: You better smarten up, my cat’s got better judgement than you have. Shame on you.

4 thoughts on “A word to the not-so-wise …

  1. I teach an exercise dance class called Nia. When licensed to teach it, you are entitled to listen to recordings or participate in phone calls with the co-creator of Nia, Debbie Rosas. When I would listen to her on speaker phone my cat would come over and rub on my phone. If I was holding my phone, I would have to put it down because Spot (the cat) would rub all over it. If I was listening to her via my computer the cat would be in the room listening too. It was the oddest thing, to me.

    • They are so intuitive and in sync with their surroundings. They are very sensitive creatures, far more than we humans are.

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