Tuning out for a while …

I’ve always been a news and political junkie.tuning out

But it was getting out of control. I was obsessed, glued to the TV, devouring every OpEd piece, report and editorial I could find. And then one day, around the time of the Conventions, I realized I was becoming way too frustrated, angry and stressed out over (a) something that I have no control over and (b) as a Canadian it isn’t my problem, at least not directly.

So really, how crazy is that?

Somewhere along the line my self protective instincts must have kicked in and I must have started tuning out. I say that because about half a dozen times in the last couple of weeks when a friend — who is also a political junkie — started talking to me about something that Trump or one of his surrogates said, or the pundits’ reactions to it — I had no idea what she was talking about.

And it was then that I realized I’d stopped watching TV, almost entirely. There were days I never even turned on the set. I was definitely avoiding Cable and the news shows. And summer programming being what it is — awful — there was not much of a reason to watch anything else.

Yes, I know, Netflix. I’m almost embarrassed to admit I’m still a hold out. Probably the last one standing, too. What can I say? Everyone I know who has it binge watches and I don’t want to fall into that trap. I’ll probably cave eventually, but for now, “no.”

The point is, now that I’m aware that I’m off television, I’m also suddenly aware that I’m much calmer. My shoulders are no longer up around my ears. My fists are no longer clenched. My blood pressure has to be lower. I catch myself smiling. I have much more time on my hands — time I can put to much better use than yelling at an asshole who can’t hear me.

This will come as a shock to everyone who knows me, and also to everyone who reads my blog regularly, but I’m not sure I’m going to turn the TV on again, any time soon. Not even to watch the upcoming debates, because I can feel myself tensing just thinking about Donald hurling insult upon insult upon accusation upon lie at Hillary; and her voice possibly becoming more and more shrill with each one. I reserve the right to change my mind, but sitting here right now, I can’t commit one way or the other.

Ignorance, it seems, is bliss. Even if it means that, as a result, I may have a tough time coming up with new ideas for my blog.


10 thoughts on “Tuning out for a while …

  1. I was happy the Olympics gave me a two-week break from my own political obsession. Now, the U.S. Open provides another two-week break. This political season has been both fascinating and exhausting. Good for you for tuning out!

    • Yes the Olympics gave me a reprieve as well. Wow, it sure has been exhausting and fascinating. And it may never end. I’m not sure Trump will go away if he loses. And as long as he’s good for ratings he’ll keep getting airtime. How’s that for a happy thought?

  2. I’m totally with you! I actually haven’t owned a tv in years, so only get my news online if/when I choose…and at times I get obsessed with the political posts on Facebook, but made a conscious choice to not read about DT for now. Much less stressful! Glad you’re more relaxed too!

  3. Franci, Im so happy that you finally decided to be good to yourself.Couldnt believe how involved you were with this ridiculous election.Its been going on for appprox.2 years.I wouldn’t watch this garbage if they paid me too. When we needed a new PM it took 3mos. and it was over.This election is a insult to peoples intelligence.It is totally discusting i have no interest what so ever. By the way,Netflix is much better. HA! love ya! Joni

    • Me too. I just couldn’t take any more. I do love politics but this is just disgusting. It’s not politics or not what it should be. It is so fucking endless — I thank God every day that I’m Canadian. Yes I know, I don’t know why I am such a Netflix hold-out. I know I’ll cave one of these days :). HAHA! Love you too !!

  4. You are right Fransi, why do we Canadians care so much, it’s like watching a soap opera , let them continue the battle of the sexes , we have no control
    Trump will continue hurling insults at Hilary, it’s toxic waste. Best for our health to be ignored. He’s going to bury himself in his own bull shit!

    • Honestly when you think about it, it’s ridiculous for us to get so caught up in it. It’s scary how addictive it is. And yes, I do believe he’ll bury himself. Talk about toxic waste!

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