The long, hot summer may be over …

“How do I know?” you ask. Well, last Thursday night I went out for dinner. Hadn’t been out all day so Ihot assumed it was as hot as it’s been pretty much all summer. Wrong. When we got to the restaurant and were offered a table on the terrace we both decided it was way too cool.

Before you say anything let me cut you off: Yeah, I know one evening does not the end of summer make. But it was September 1 and we all know what that means.

The leaves will soon start changing colour, the days will get progressively cooler and shorter, pumpkin pie mix will be featured in grocery store displays any minute now and those dreaded Christmas commercials will start running before we know it. And, lest we forget, fashionistas everywhere are packing away all their white linens. It’s back to black.

What always astounds me is, August 31 can be blisteringly hot but the very next day you need a sweater. It’s like Mother Nature turns the page of the calendar and never looks back. She doesn’t give a tinker’s damn that you’re not quite ready to throw in the sweat-soaked towel yet. She’s ready to move on.

Normally I’d resent it, but this year the humidity has been unbearable. Day after day, month after month of temperatures as high as 38 or 39 degrees celsius. Five minutes outside and your skin felt scorched. So it’s fine with me if there’s a little chill in the air and I can turn the air conditioner off and enjoy a nice, cool breeze instead.

On the other hand, September means back to school. And it will now be virtually impossible to get a seat at my neighbourhood Starbucks  — because of all the University of Toronto students who sit there for hours on end, taking advantage of the free internet while they nurse an empty cup of coffee and eat food they’ve brought from home.


4 thoughts on “The long, hot summer may be over …

    • Lol. I will definitely do that Chris, although they seem to have no need for publicity. Never been in one that wasn’t packed.

      • Interesting. We don’t have Costa here. Tim Hortons is an Ontario-based chain that is extremely popular and very well entrenched but it’s a totally different client base. Their customers would never be Starbucks customers. We have some independents who are popular but they have no critical mass and lots of them don’t survive for very long, which is a shame. Starbucks definitely have a lock on it here.

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