The Trump effect …

It’s horrifying to see and hear the ugliness that Donald Trump has unleashed. The rage, the nastiness, the trump2016-02-15-1455534387-1672884-nbcfiresdonaldtrumpafterhecallsmexicansrapistsanddrugrunnersaggression, the threats — I just can’t take any more of it.

On the weekend I read, on Facebook, that a group of armed Trump supporters protested outside a Hillary Clinton campaign office in Virginia. And there are already threats of intimidation on election day.

He has empowered (and emboldened) a hateful group of people, a terrifyingly-large number of them, and now that he’s wound them up I worry that they’re not going to go quietly into the night. I fear
they’re just getting started and we can expect much worse from them.

The media, and the world at large, completely underestimated Trump. No one took him, or his candidacy, seriously, so no one took him on. The media gave him unprecedented amounts of airtime, insisting he’d flame out any second.

Guess not, huh.

And I don’t think we’ve learned our lesson yet. I don’t think anyone is taking his supporters, and the threat they present, seriously either. And that really scares me. They are getting more and more riled up — he’s feeding that frenzy, preparing them for his defeat, essentially “programming” them to lurk at polling stations and try to prevent people from voting and, if need be, to riot and loot and cause God knows how much more harm to people and property if he loses.

His influence is enormous and I discovered, to my horror, that he even has his fans here, in Canada. I now blog on Huff Post, as well as on WordPress, and last week one of my posts, on how he brings out the worst in us, got a lot of attention. Two of the commenters sounded just like him. So much so, I confess I checked out their Facebook pages to see whether they were American or Canadian.

Canadian, unfortunately.

This past Friday I wrote a follow-up piece. One of the commenters from the week before showed up again. He was joined by several other “chip-off-the-old-Trumpsters.” Same hateful rhetoric, same lies, same finger pointing, same disdain, same anger, same insults, same ugliness. Yesterday I noticed they’d been removed — I’m assuming by Huff Post editors. Trust me, they were offensive.

Donald Trump is a dangerous man. Far more dangerous than he’s being credited with. A lot of people are looking forward to November 8. I’m dreading it, because we haven’t heard the last of Donald Trump; and it matters not whether he’s spreading his vicious lies or inciting violence (at home or abroad) from the Trump Tower or the Oval Office. He will continue to do damage regardless.




14 thoughts on “The Trump effect …

  1. Sadly, I fear you are right, Fransi. His presence on the scene seems to have made some pretty awful things seem ‘okay’. The only up-side I can see is that by bringing so many horrors into the open, they are no longer festering in the shadows. I can only hope that in the longer term, that will have a positive effect.

  2. You get it and I get it. I have friends who I thought were reasonable smart people and they don’t get it. They think he will bring change. They don’t understand it’s not a good change. I’m having a hard time with this.

    • I really feel your pain. I cannot tell you how many Americans I know who are losing long-time friends over this. People are not talking to neighbours because of their differences on this and others who are afraid to say anything at work for fear of losing their jobs. I’m having a hard time with it and it’s not my election, I can only imagine what it’s doing to you. McCain’s remarks over the weekend regarding supreme court nominees just sent a chill down my spine. He is someone who I always considered a moderate (even if I don’t agree with his beliefs) and he was one republican who was willing to work with democrats — including Hillary Clinton. Paranoia must be setting in because I’m really beginning to believe the election IS rigged against Hillary. God help us all.

      • I don’t get the judge decision either. Will they not appoint any in the next 4 or 8 years? Ridiculous! That’s how this election is going. Ridiculous! Someone explained to me that the Republicans do not want to annoy him just in case….

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