I’ve gotta admit it, I’m jittery …

After a long and torturous year and a half, today’s the day, folks. Americans are going to the polls. At least I hope electionthey are, in droves too.

I’ve heard far too many people say they were planning to either sit this election out, vote for a third party candidate or write in another name on the ballot.

Dumb, dumb, dumb at any time, but this year, it’s criminal.

The thought of Donald Trump in the White House gives me a serious case of the heebie jeebies. We don’t need to go through the reasons, you’re probably as sick of hearing them as I am.

Unfortunately the thought of Hillary Clinton in the White House doesn’t fill me with optimism and joy either — BUT — before you get all hot and bothered — it’s giving me a rash because you know as well as I do that a Clinton victory won’t stop Republicans from continuing to turn over every rock in an effort to find anything they can charge her with, even an unpaid parking ticket. They’ve already said they’d do it. They’ve also said they won’t approve any of her Supreme Court Nominees.

How they get away with it, I don’t know.

We’ve seen, over the last eight years, just how obstructive they can be — and we can expect more of the same, if she’s elected. So there’s even more at stake with this election than who becomes president. Right now the Republicans have a majority in both the House and the Senate.

It’s always been unlikely that the Democrats would re-gain a majority in the House, but the Senate is within their grasp. At least it was until James Comey, the Director of the FBI went rogue, over-stepped his boundaries and breeched long-established protocols. And then, when the witch hunt turned out to be just that — a waste of time — he ended up having to send another letter to Congress last Sunday, clearing Clinton, acknowledging that the latest batch of emails revealed nothing new. I just hope it wasn’t too late to do her any good.

Surprise, surprise.

Why he’s not being investigated, I also don’t know.

Then there’s the worry over potential violence — at the polling stations and once the ballots are counted and the results are in.

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m not given to anxiety. But this election has had my stomach in knots from the beginning. And it’s not just me. Last Friday night a very subdued Bill Maher announced that he’s “shitting in his pants.”

Let’s pray no one gets hurt today. Let’s pray all Americans come to their senses, behave rationally and vote for the one candidate who, despite her flaws, is the safest and best bet. The only bet.

Now get out there and VOTE, Goddammit!




14 thoughts on “I’ve gotta admit it, I’m jittery …

  1. The only thing we need to measure the candidates by is who will provide good governance. I only see one person capable and informed enough in this election to do that. Either way, my country needs to get its act together – this has been embarrassing!

    • You and I see the same candidate. I wish I could vote. Yes, sadly, this hasn’t shown America in the best light, but hopefully that will change. One step at a time, let’s get her elected today!!

    • I think it’s going to be a long night everywhere. I’m not certain it will even be settled tonight, Chris. Trump has already filed a lawsuit in Nevada alleging early voting polls stayed open too late.

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