Before and after — vive la difference!

It’s a miracle, I tell you. Believe it or not, the frying pan you see in this photo, is exactly the same frying panfrying-pan that occupied this same space last week. In case you don’t remember, click here. Except last week it was charred beyond recognition. And here it is again, good as new.

I’d given it up for dead immediately. Then a few friends shared a secret “recipe” with me:

“Put some dish soap and water in the pan,” they said. “Then put one of those Bounce dryer sheets on top. Put the pan on the burner, turn on the stove, give it about a half hour — et voila!”

“And make sure you watch the damn pan this time!!!”

Except I don’t have any Bounce dryer sheets. I don’t use them because I can’t find fragrance-free sheets and I don’t like the scent — plus it gives me a rash. Seriously, I’m allergic to it.

Last Wednesday, a friend told me that Loblaws (a large Ontario grocery store chain) now has fragrance free in stock.

No, it wasn’t too late. For some reason, I hadn’t dumped the frying pan in the garbage yet. Don’t ask me why. I’d put it right by the door so I could grab it on my way out, but it was still sitting there. What can I say, I have a tendency to procrastinate.

Good thing, obviously. At least this time.

Fortuitously I happened to be going to Loblaws last Wednesday right after I’d had that conversation about the fragrance-free Bounce with my friend. Did I buy some? “No,” because it wasn’t on my list. What can I say?

(big sigh).

My cleaning lady happened to be coming last Thursday. “Aha!” I thought. I will ask Mary to bring me a couple of sheets. She had another remedy. She asked if I have baking soda in the house. I do not.

“Don’t worry,” she promised. “I will bring everything tomorrow.”

True to her word she arrived well-stocked.

“You do your work,” she said. “Leave this to me.”

She put baking soda and white vinegar into the frying pan, put it on the burner, turned on the stove and within a couple of minutes, five or six at the most, I heard her triumphant scream.

“Come see,” she yelled.

She dipped one rubber-gloved finger tip into the frying pan and dragged it along the thick, black sooty coating — leaving a line of gleaming stainless steel behind.

Within five minutes I was staring at what looked like a brand new frying pan.

Never again will I come home after she’s been here and get frustrated when I have to spend two hours looking for everything she’s moved. Never again.

Thank you Mary.


15 thoughts on “Before and after — vive la difference!

    • Sometimes the simplest, most old fashioned methods our grandmothers and great grandmothers used work better than all this newfangled stuff we pay a fortune for.

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