I knew the despot in the White House reminded me of someone …

… And it finally came to me.

Like Trump he played golf, travelled in a private jet and, in order to get what he wanted, hegoldfinger  promised his potential partners millions of dollars (which they never got by the way).

Sound familiar?

He also loved, loved, loved gold. In fact he couldn’t get his hands on enough of it. And, also like Trump, he was prepared to stop at nothing to increase the value of his stash, even if it meant detonating an atomic device (it was a long time ago, he didn’t have access to nuclear weapons back then.)

Figured it out yet?

Come on, haven’t you ever seen any James Bond films?

I’m talking about Goldfinger. Namely, Auric Goldfinger, the villainous gold magnate who was hell bent on contaminating the United States Bullion Depository at Fort Knox so he could get even richer. He’s the one with the manservant (Oddjob) who was as strong as an ox and killed anyone who got in his boss’s way — with his hat.

Anybody in the current administration come to mind?

Steve Bannon?

Kellyanne Conway (who I might add, comes with a hat of her own)?

See what I mean? Don’t tell me there aren’t similarities. The film even has a pilot whose name is Pussy Galore! I’ll bet the Donald wishes he’d thought of that.

One last question. How long before James Bond shows up to rescue us? Things are already getting pretty desperate.





8 thoughts on “I knew the despot in the White House reminded me of someone …

  1. That’s what I’m wondering – who will save us? Trump ignores protestors, the administration is horrific, most Republicans stand behind him, and the power of the democrats has diminished. If anyone in government disagrees with him, he just fires them. There are no checks and balances. More than a James Bond, I think we need a Martin Luther King. Where have all the strong, honest, ethical leaders gone?

    • Well that’s the issue, really — “where have all the strong, honest, ethical leaders gone?” The democratic party is in an absolute shambles. I believe there are some new, strong voices in there, but the party needs to stand behind them and let them speak out. You don’t need a congressional majority to make noise, inspire people and get everyone to continue to rise up until he’s “deposed.” As for what’s become of the republicans, that’s a disgrace — an act of treason in some ways. I keep repeating myself because I can’t seem to find new words to describe how I’m feeling — I simply cannot believe this is happened and that it’s been allowed to happen in the United States of all places. Never ever would I have ever imagined I’d be witnessing something like this. Never.

      • I wish we could abolish the two-party system. There are probably Republicans that want to oust him but won’t speak up because of fear or loyalty. Republicans Lindsey Graham and John McCain are speaking out, and I hope others follow.

      • Here in Canada we don’5 have a 2-party system. We have 3 major parties and a green party. If there had been a strong candidate who had a real chance that the Hillary haters could have gotten behind maybe you wouldn’t have Trump now, but I don’t know. She did win the popular vote. The real issue and the real reason he won is, I think, beyond how many parties you have. The discontent has been festering for a while and neither party paid attention, leaving the door wide open for him. What’s particularly heinous is that only McCain and Graham have the balls to speak out and take him on. But the hijacking of the republican party has also been going on for a long time.

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