Back to reality …

Don’t know if you’ve realized it, but for the last little while I have been making a real effort to think (and write) only about the positive: Pleasant memories, good times, gratitude and so on.

It’s worked, too.

The more I’ve concentrated on the upbeat, the less involved I’ve been in the Trump madness, the better my mood and my attitude have become.

But nothing lasts forever, I guess. The world isn’t rosy all the time and fake euphoria (like fake news) doesn’t do anyone any good. So I’m going to give in, vent for a minute, get it off my chest, and hope it’ll go away. Then I will, once again, return to my pursuit of life’s more meaningful, joyful and satisfying moments.

Here goes. I am sick of people who:

  1. Take days to respond to emails or never get back to you at all.
  2. Don’t answer the phone.
  3. Ignore voice mail messages.
  4. Don’t leave “out-of-office” messages on email and voice mail.
  5. Take responsibility for nothing.
  6. Never follow up and leave you hanging indefinitely.
  7. Rarely, if ever, say thank you.
  8. Leave garbage bags on the floor instead of putting them down the chute.
  9. Leave trolleys in the elevator for someone else to return.
  10. Don’t clean up after themselves.

None of this is really new, but I’ve never experienced so much of it before. It’s like there’s suddenly an epidemic of bad manners. It’s like we’re suddenly living in a “f*ck you. I-don’t-give-a-damm” world. A friend of mine made an interesting point over the weekend when she wondered if the Boor-In-Chief is responsible for a general lowering of standards. It frankly wouldn’t surprise me. It sure hasn’t hurt his career so I guess that makes it okay for everyone else.

Be that as it may, it pisses me off. It’s unprofessional, rude, disrespectful and inconsiderate. So stop it, please.


14 thoughts on “Back to reality …

  1. Just like those who litter the country side on this side of the pond, those who expect everyone else pay their way while they dump unwanted waste on beaches, parks, roadsides these are visitors and people who travel from nearby areas who won’t dispose in their own backyard for fear of being caught in the act. A blight on communities. They live everywhere Fransi.

    • Yes, you are so right Chris. They care nothing about the environment or other peoples’ property. They ARE a blight on communities and sadly, they DO live everywhere, in ever increasing numbers.

  2. It’s hard to stay positive. I’ve been trying to minimize the amount of news tv I watch/listen to and try to look for the good things happening and the good people around me. But some days it’s all injustice, ignorance and idiots! Yesterday was one of those days so I went to bed early.

  3. Oh! The list could go on and on…from driving and racing to next light, the speedy line at the market filled with overloaded carriages(10 items or less), the ignoring of stop signs, and so on. I do agree he may be responsible for all this rudeness and bad behavior…but should not the parents of these irresponsible adults, take some blame. Personally, if I saw either of my sons being so rude , I would call them out! No one takes responsibility to act with good manners…ThankYou for pointing these infringements out! Xoxo Barb Sent from my iPad


    • You’re absolutely right — the list DOES go on and on and parents should definitely take part of the blame. My parents would never have put up with that from me and didn’t behave that way themselves. And I am a firm believer that we are all products of our environment.

  4. In the world of Me Myself and I…there is no one else to consider. I have the same list of annoyances you have and I “up it” to include the irresponsible owners of dogs and cats. I would also add that agression abounds! In shopping malls, grocery stores, roads and highways. And please don’t even get me started on those cyclists….ahhhh thanks Fransi, that felt good!

  5. Numbers 1 through 4 really drive me batty. Lack of office etiquette has become the norm. When I respond quickly to people, they are astounded. To me, this should be expected. Of course, the typical excuse is, “I have hundreds of messages.” The reality is that if they answered their messages and emails promptly, their voice mail and inbox wouldn’t be clogged with a multitude of follow-ups. They’re chasing their own tails.

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