Sorry, but I’ve got to blow off a little steam …

Yeah, I’m crabby. I probably would have suffered in silence, but yesterday a blogging buddy wrote about being crabby and, at the end of her post, asked what made us (her readers) crabby.

Well, she poked the tiger, opened the door. Of course I have to share.

About 10 consecutive days of rain hasn’t helped. I know it’s sunny now, but I’m still not over it, okay. The weather affects my mood, what can I say?

Then there are those people who don’t do what they say they’re going to do. There’s a real epidemic of that going around.

We have been having major (garage restoration and waterproofing) work done at our building. It’s noisy (lots of jackhammering), dusty, dirty, disruptive and inconvenient. We were told it would start in March 2015 and it would be completed in late October of 2015. It is now May 2017 and it’s still going on.

One of the major communications companies recently had to do an equipment upgrade here as well. Our property manager sent us a letter from them stating when they’d be here, also letting us know there’d be “intermittent” service disruptions. They didn’t show up. They didn’t advise us they weren’t coming and neither did our property manager.

When they did show up a couple of weeks later it resulted in our not having any home phone, cable or internet service for most of the day. Nothing intermittent about that. When I tried to call the phone number (from my cell phone) the contractor provided on his letter it didn’t work.

The other day I had to call a “customer service” number to inquire about something. The individual I got had a major attitude. He was argumentative and rude. I didn’t say anything at first, but it did start to piss me off, so I told him he was being rude. His response?

He got more belligerent. He raised his voice and began vehemently defending himself. When I reminded him I was a client and suggested we stick to the reason I had called he hung up on me. Stunning, isn’t it?

What fascinates me is that at the beginning of customer service calls there is a recording, telling you that the calls are being monitored for training and coaching purposes. Does anyone listen to them? I think not.

Why are all these unprofessional people employed when there are so many qualified people who want to work, who are desperate to work, and can’t find jobs? And more to the point, why do they get to keep their jobs?

Does anyone get properly trained any more? Is anyone supervised? Do the supervisors get properly trained? Why is this kind of negligent and careless behaviour, this lack of standards, lack of manners and lack of a work ethic okay with top management?

I remember a time when this wouldn’t be tolerated.






17 thoughts on “Sorry, but I’ve got to blow off a little steam …

  1. All excellent questions. Training has gone the way of the dodo – it’s too expensive, I assume.

    I had a similar experience with a CSR – I had a complaint, the first tier couldn’t resolve it so I was routed to the “handler.” She wouldn’t let me talk, basically repeated the first story and hung up before I could respond.

    Back in the 70’s when I worked for the phone company, employees were sent for training – weeks at a time, expenses paid. Back in the 70’s, if you bought something that needed assembly, you could expect a reasonable set of written instructions.

    Today? Good luck. You are on your own.

    • All true. I wonder how much business these companies lose as a result? Could be that training would have been cheaper.

      • In some cases, I suppose, like the utility that I was dealing with, they lose no business – they are the only game in town. Just think: a little training, a little goodwill, would make for a happy customer, not to mention a happy employee. Or happier, at any rate.

      • You’re so right. For the most part these companies are as awful to work for as they are to do business with. A vicious circle of misery.

  2. I’m right there with you! I’m a teacher, and under the heading of “life lessons,” I always tell my students that being polite and friendly in any circumstances is the best way to go — not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it paves the way for smoother interactions with other people. If “friendly” is your default, I tell them, then you’re always starting on the “solution” side of the equation, not the “problem” side. Along similar lines, whenever I visit a shop and receive friendly, helpful service, I spend a good part of the day thinking, “Wow… That salesperson was really nice!” It really does brighten my day!

    • Your students are lucky to have you as their teacher. So is everyone they will ever know. And it’s so true — the pleasant sales experiences do brighten your day. If only there were more of them 🙂

  3. My old bank was bought. We received a lot of communication about how accommodating they would be and how easy too. Nada. I called because I had a few bills on autopay. Not to worry, all will go well. They paid one bill twice. It was a major hassle (including a requirement that I go into the branch) to correct. In the end I let it go as it paid for part of the next month. No apology. In fact, the woman at the bank told me it was either my fault or the fault of the company I was paying. I called that company. They did not have my banking info to pull a payment. Sigh! I’m with another bank now.

  4. Yep. Definitely a cranky-causing kinda day. Avoid human contact, is my advice. I hear caves are nice for ruminating on life and the meaning thereof.

  5. I complain about the same thing continuously. Mistakes happen and people are human, but incompetence in customer service is intolerable. This extends beyond company/client relationships to internal customer service as well. Within companies, people are rude to each other. Companies need to do a better job of enforcing their own rules and setting a good example from the top down.

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