Losing it …

As you may have noticed (or maybe not), I am trying desperately to steer clear of writing about U.S. politics. Aside from the fact that it’s stressful and aggravating, there doesn’t seem to be any point to it. It changes nothing.

Hence all my recent trips down memory lane.

Sadly, though, even if I am trying my best to remain silent on the subject, no one else is.

There doesn’t seem to be any escaping “45”, his (insert swear word here) family, his cronies, his partners in crime, his sycophants, his tweets and anything and everything Russian.

The G20 really did push me over the edge and by last Sunday I found myself frantically searching for something, anything, to distract me from the annus horribilis that seems to get more horribilis by the minute.

“Aha!” I suddenly exclaimed. I remembered a book I’d bought, but hadn’t gotten around to reading yet — The Enchanted April. It’s a 1922 novel written by a British American writer that was inspired by a month-long holiday on the Italian Riviera. The perfect escape, right?? I was beside myself with excitement, something to get lost in, something that would take me far, far away from you-know-who and you-know-what.

Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans.

It was not to be found in my bookcases. I have a lot of books, so I looked again. And again. And again. Absolutely determined to find it, I removed every book from every shelf to make sure I hadn’t somehow missed it.

Desolated, I returned every book to every shelf.

“Aha!” I exclaimed again. “I must have downloaded it.” No such luck.

“Where the (bleep) is that (bleeping) book,” I whined to an empty room. Well not exactly empty, Bartlett (my cat) was there. But he was not helpful at all. In fact, he looked bored.

“Who took it?” I fumed. “Somebody took it!”

“But who?” the rational side of me countered. “No one is here when you’re not here.”

“Not necessarily,” I answered (yes, I was talking to myself). “What if the superintendent came in to do some repairs? What if he took it?”

“Unlikely” argued the rational me.

“Aha! It was my cleaning lady!” the crazy me responded. “She borrowed it and forgot to tell me.” In fact, she does sometimes borrow books so this was plausible.

Being convinced that I’d solved the mystery of the missing book did nothing to alleviate my frustration, however, because I wanted to read it. I wanted — needed — to read it right then and there. That very minute.

So I huffed and I puffed and I vented but, alas, it didn’t put the book in my hands. So I let loose with a B I G sigh and resigned myself to finding another distraction. I was exhausted by all the emptying and refilling of bookshelves anyway, so I decided to just chill (nap) on my balcony and enjoy the sunshine instead.

And then, no sooner had I parked my ass on a chair, with a freshly-brewed glass of ice tea by my side, that it came to me:

I hadn’t bought the book at all. I had gotten it from the library. I did start to read it, but hadn’t finished by the time I had to return it. I’m usually a fast reader, but I was pretty busy at the time and I had to keep putting it aside.

Maybe I just need a long rest in a sanitarium. In Italy?????


16 thoughts on “Losing it …

  1. Oh, how I understand your frustration! I’ve been looking for a couple of photo albums. It seems that they did not survive the move to the new house. For the life of me, I cannot explain how that happened. While I was searching I checked even the most unlikely spots, like the sock drawer, or the cupboard with the pots and pans. I’ve stood before the bookshelves willing the albums to appear. Nothing.
    Here’s a thought – get yourself to the library, borrow the book PLUS a couple of travel guides to Italy!

    • Ahhh, things that mysteriously don’t survive moves. Been there, done that many times. It’s like losing socks in the dryer. Can drive you insane. Yes, I was thinking the very same thing — problem easily solved by a trip to the library😊

    • Now you’ve made me want to watch the movie. I will check, the library may have that as well. Thanks for the idea!! A trip to the library is in my immediate future.

  2. I wonder if the tide is turning on the Presidency. All the Nations at the G20 seemed to be isolating the US. Trump seemed misplaced, worn out. I am sure he wishes he could quit and just be a corporate dick again.

    I’m not sure a book is a big enough distraction. Italy, now that will captivate your mind.

    • I so hope you’re right about the tide turning — before the world blows up because of this maniac would be nice. You may be right about the book. Italy is the only answer 😊 ciao …

    • Literary gremlins are hacking our bookshelves! I like the idea of reading the book in Italy. Then maybe I could write my own book about that. Why not, right??

  3. Or France perhaps Fransi, he left all smiles this afternoon, flying back to one of his holiday homes for the weekend. Five day week job once you can have family carry the can while you are busying yourself golfing!!!

    • (Sigh). Yes, maybe even let family go to jail for you, not that this lot ever seen to pay for their misdeeds — of which there are many.

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