Can you remember your first kiss?

I ask because I have absolutely no recollection of mine, yet I hear so many people describe theirs minutely. Every little detail. Is it really that momentous an occasion?

Have I somehow failed at life because, at least on this particular subject, my mind is a total blank? Am I some kind of a misfit?

There’s no doubt in my mind that I had a first kiss, I had to — because there have been many kisses since that I do remember — so logic dictates there had to be a first. You can’t have more without having a first. Right?

But which one was first, how old I was, who he was, when it happened, why it happened, where it happened, whether or not either one of us (or both of us) enjoyed it, I have no idea. None. Can’t remember if our lips met on the first attempt, like a perfect moon landing, or if it was awkward and took a few tries — sort of like bobbing for apples.

Were we both diaper-wearing toddlers having a playdate, while our mothers drank coffee nearby? Were we curious adolescents? Hormonal teenagers hell bent on sowing some oats? Did we get caught in the act? Was anyone else around? Was it an innocent little peck that scared both of us or was it hot? Was it his first kiss too, or was he a seasoned kisser?

If I’ve forgotten it is it because it was ho-hum? A non-event. You know, like did I block it out of my mind? It couldn’t have been that bad, otherwise my kissing days (and nights) would, most likely, have come to a grinding halt right then and there. I could have been put right off kissing forever. Which clearly I wasn’t.

Oh dear, what if he’s blocked it out of his mind??? I’m beginning to regret that I even brought up this whole kissing thing. Who wants to be a dud at kissing?




17 thoughts on “Can you remember your first kiss?

  1. Sorry but I do remember my first kiss. Not sure if it actually reflects well on me though. My first kiss was when I was 19; my first year at University. A senior, filled with exuberance and the spirit of the season (just before we had our Christmas break), just grabbed my face with both hands and planted one on the lips. I was quite the shy nerdy type so this was a total surprise. But we took it no further and it made no difference to our friendship which remained strong throughout our time at the university. At least…..that’s how I remember it……..

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