I’m struggling …

There’s a lunatic child monster running amok in the White House. The bare-chested he-man in the Kremlin is determined to destroy democracy, already making some serious inroads. And the crazy little man-child with the huge nuclear arsenal and the itchy trigger finger keeps gleefully demonstrating how serious he is, how close he is to wiping us all out.

Then there’s the rise of the white supremacists — which leaves me wondering if, one of these days, we’re going to start seeing lynchings and yellow stars again.

Why not? El Presidente doesn’t see anything wrong with what they do or preach. “It’s everyone else who’s at fault,” says he with the straw hair.

The new normal, it seems. Just another day.

If all that’s not enough to worry about, last Thursday the southern coast of Mexico was struck by the most powerful earthquake — 8.1 magnitude — they’ve experienced in 100 years.

Irma, a ferocious category 5 hurricane, has left a string of small islands in the Caribbean devastated. Not content with that, she tore through Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Cuba and started pounding Florida early last Sunday morning.

Hurricane Jose was right behind her, ready to destroy what little was left in the Caribbean, while Hurricane Katia headed for the Gulf of Mexico. And, lest we forget, Hurricane Harvey decimated Houston at the end of August.

It’s an awful lot to absorb.

And as I sit here, staring at my computer screen, fingers poised, thinking about what I’ll write for this blog post all I can think is: “Really?” Because at this moment the whole idea of blogging seems frivolous, trivial, irrelevant and inappropriate. There’s just too much bad stuff, too much serious stuff, too much scary stuff, too many people suffering, for blather and idle chatter.

So today I’m just going to be quiet and pray for humankind. Please join me.

8 thoughts on “I’m struggling …

  1. “frivolous, trivial, irrelevant and inappropriate”

    Yeah, I’m feeling that, too. I think your idea to pray, or at the very least, to cultivate kind and loving thoughts (which is another way of praying, right?) is the perfect antidote.

  2. Just had a quiet prayer for all the disastrous goings on worldwide, so many countries, so many conflicts and those egos who have found homes where it seems they are untouchable. They are becoming too many to count at the moment, yes you would wonder where is it all going to end?

    • Staggering when you lay it all out and see just how much is going on, all at the same time, all of it dangerous and life-threatening.

      • Living in this quiet little corner on the South East coast of Ireland it’s difficult to comprehend what it must be like facing into the hardships of those barley existing in places such as Myanmar and many more besides.

      • I know. We are also sheltered from it in Canada. But life is extremely difficult for so many, who are staring death and destruction in the eye everyday. We just can’t let them go unnoticed.

  3. Oy!Vey! At james’ office which just got power…A/C..hot showers! Cars locked in FAU garage and campus police will not let us in..debris clear up. Generators running Refrig and chargers..but internet and wifi out for everyone. If I can get car, will have James follow me home to Miami and climb the flights with cat crates! I am afraid if I do not open up doors,clothes will mold! Too much to comprehend!xoxo, Barb

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    • What a mess! But thankfully you are all safe. How many flights do you have to climb? You can’t be in Miami on your own with no power Barbara. Stay put.

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