Seriously unglued …

It’s been a shitty month. Literally. Bartlett, my cat has been sick. Woke up one morning and one of his eyes was shut. Took him to the vet. It wasn’t serious — a little ulcer on his eye — something must have irritated it. 10 days of antibiotic ointment cleared it up.

However a complete examination revealed he has some kidney disease. The vet said it wasn’t that bad, changed him to a kidney diet and prescribed some pills.

In the ensuing month I have been at the vet’s every second day, including one visit to the emergency clinic. When I’m not at the vet I’m running to the grocery store every five minutes, stocking up on junk food for him, because his appetite got very bad and the vet said we need him to eat and I should forget about the healthy stuff for now.

I am also giving him anti-nausea pills, a blood pressure medication to ease the pressure on his kidneys and an appetite stimulant. That’s a lot of pills.

The “shitty month” reference is because he is now constipated and he’s needed a couple of “interventions” to help him — if you know what I mean.  (apologies if its TMI for you). Common with cats with kidney problems apparently, because they tend to get dehydrated.

What can I say? Poop has become my life. I watch his every movement like a hawk — tracking, measuring, reporting.

And, as a result of this latest wrinkle, I also had to learn how to give him subcutaneous fluids by syringe plus he gets RestoraLAX sprinkled on top of two of his three meals.

Yes, I know, it sounds dire, but when he was diagnosed my vet told me his numbers weren’t that bad. We do have to figure out what combo of meds/food will keep him stable, happy and healthy, though;  or at least get him as healthy as he can be. Kidney disease is common in cats — every one of mine has had it and they all did very well.

Usually I’m pretty good in stressful situations. You have to be if you’re going to work in advertising. But for some reason I’m just an absolute wreck this time. Seriously. I’m not exaggerating. It seems I may need a combo of drugs myself.

Don’t really know what’s going on with me, except this did come out of the blue and there’s been no time to even catch my breath. Constant vet visits, constant worry until I can reach the vet (because pets, like babies and old people always get sick in the middle of the night or on weekends), constantly-changing spreadsheets detailing which med is given on which day and at which time and constantly trying to stop my hand from shaking when I’m sticking the needle into him so I don’t puncture a lung or something. And to top it off, I’m worried he might be having a reaction to one of the pills.

So I suppose it’s understandable that I’m completely whacked. As a friend of mine said when she was trying to talk me off the ledge where I now find myself quite often, “Administering medical treatment is overwhelming. We aren’t medical people and we don’t have the training.”

She’s right, but let me tell you, I’m starting to get the hang of it. If you ever need fluids you know who to call — I’m becoming a maestro with the syringe.

And now, because I know you care and you’ll want to know, Bartlett just pooped! You have no idea what a big deal that is. Seriously!!!


26 thoughts on “Seriously unglued …

    • It is Chris (very clever btw — wish I’d thought of it — would have made a much better headline for my post than the one I used). I hope so too 😊

    • Thanks Michelle. I’ve had 3 other cats and they all had it. One lived to 18, another to 17. The third didn’t fare quite as well — 14. But they all had good quality of life so I am hopeful.

  1. I completely understand your heightened state. And so relieved to hear that there’s been, um, “movement” toward improvement.
    I had a cat who needed injections – she didn’t tolerate oral medicine – the vet taught me how – I pray I’ll never need to do that again.

    • Giving the shots is terrifying, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do, right. Oh yes, let me tell you, the relief is palpable here this morning!! Let’s hope things keep — going — in the right direction!

  2. I get it. I had a diabetic cat for 9 years. Two shots a day and blood glucose testing at least once a week with blood from the ear capillary. The first time my hands shook so badly but I knew I had to do it for him. He taught me a lot. I can give injections, test for glucose and catch a urine sample with just a little trickle on my hand (that’s a real triumph!). Once you get past the fear, it’s clear sailing and it sounds like you are there. After my cat passed, I felt lost without anyone to closely monitor. Good luck with Bartley.

    • Thanks so much. Wow I am impressed with everything you learned to do — makes what I have to do seem like a walk in the park! My hands shook so badly I kept dropping everything. Went through 4 needles the first time.

      • Yes, exactly, me too! And I’m sure my constant stalking him is stressing him out a bit too. So I am trying hard to calm myself down. Not easy — as you know.

  3. Hang in there. My dear companion Chocolat is also a kidney cat – but she’s on a daily pill which I sneak into her wet food – giving Chocolat a pill is well nigh impossible. She’s also on special kidney diet kibble – let me tell you, her vet/food bills outstrip my medical costs & I’ve got plenty wrong with me! Sigh!. The clock is ticking I know, but I’m focussing on the good days. Hang in there Fransi.

    • Thanks Alison, I am definitely hanging in there! That’s what we’ve got to do with our fur babies and life in general — focus on the good day!! 😊

  4. Oh Fransi, so sorry to hear all this! It’s such an intense time in the planet and I imagine you’re feeling all that, plus the intensity in your home/family…
    Maybe you can get on the healing call today? If not I’ll put you and your cats on my list…
    Love, Lucia

  5. Way to go Bartlett! Poor puss. Our pets can’t tell us what’s wrong or where it hurts.
    Maggie’s had a few doggy problems lately, but she’s OK now (or seems to be). Vets ain’t cheap though. Hope thing continue to ‘move on’. We all get to be experts on our animal’s motions (sigh)

    • That’s what I’ve been saying — if only he could tell me what’s wrong. No, vets sure aren’t cheap, but our pets are family too and we want the best for them. I’m with you — I also hope things continue to “move on.”

      • Bartlett “tells” me when he wants a tummy rub or when I’m getting on his nerves and stuff like that. But I just wish I could ask him how he is feeling and he’d be able to tell me.

      • We might notice she’s limping and call her over to ‘show me’. She goes on her back and lifts whatever paw is bothering her, so we examine it and may find a stone or thorn in between her toes. She always has, but I know what you mean.

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