Heartbreaking …

Another 59 people have lost their lives for no reason and 527 more have been injured. This time the massacre of innocent people happened in Las Vegas, at a concert. The shooter had at least 10 guns (many of which were automatic rifles) with him and another 18 were found at his home. He also had hundreds of rounds of ammunition and explosives. Many of the guns were purchased legally.

It seems that the NRA, the GOP (who have been bought and paid for by the NRA), the President and all those gun-totin’ Second Amendment-loving Americans think having the right to bear arms makes America great.

And that, my friends, is the real tragedy.

Instead of my usual blog post, today I’m going to turn this space over to Jimmy Kimmel, the comedian and late-night talk show host who has taken on the role of being America’s conscience. God knows America needs one.

Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s opening monologue here. It will break your heart and it will make you angry. And if you live in the United States I hope it inspires you to take on your government, and the NRA. Enough already.

You can do this.




4 thoughts on “Heartbreaking …

  1. Thank you for sharing! I had fallen asleep on sofa and missed his show! I cannot stand this. This form of terrorism is even influencing my choice of jackets. Had wanted a red leather as I am so black all the time …now think I will be a perfect target…if crazy wants an older member of the crowd. I keep,writing and phoning congress re: gun laws amongst other things…now think congress only listens to lobbies ! Despair! Xoxo Barb

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    • You are doing exactly what needs to be done. You and everyone else must write and call and protest and vote. Speak up often and loudly.

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