Return engagement anyone?

Years ago, in Montreal, I went to an astrologer who told me I was an old soul, that this wasn’t my first life. Although I’m certainly no expert — not even close — and can’t even say I’ve done a lot of reading, or thinking, about reincarnation, it does interest me.

As a subject it came up many times when I was in India — especially in Varanasi — the spiritual capital of India.

It was there I learned that in Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism, they believe that “reincarnation is cyclic and an endless Samsara (a Sanskrit word that means wandering) unless one gains spiritual insights that ends this cycle, leading to liberation. The reincarnation concept is considered in Indian religions, as a step that starts each cycle of aimless drifting, wandering or mundane existence, but one that is an opportunity to seek spiritual liberation through ethical living and a variety of meditative, yogic or other spiritual practices. They consider the release from the cycle of reincarnations as the ultimate spiritual goal.” So they can finally rest in peace, for all eternity.

Why reincarnation popped into my head today, completely out of the blue, I do not know. Maybe because I have been doing a lot of thinking, soul-searching, evaluating and re-evaluating lately.

Not that “why” matters.

Now that I’m thinking about it, though, I would love to come back. Not as a plant or a tree or a cat (although being my cat would be pretty damn good). Not as someone famous or obscenely wealthy or uber successful. Not even as a great beauty, a great talent or a different sex.

I’d like to come back as me.

A “me” who takes note of all the wrong turns, questionable decisions and mistakes I’ve made. A “me” who’s already learned the lessons that come with being human and not always making the right choices. A “me” who will take all this learning, this knowledge, these insights, this new-found wisdom and makes sure the re-born “me” is a new and improved “me.”

Doesn’t that sound good to you? It definitely sounds good to me.

Otherwise what’s the point? I mean, think about it. Doesn’t it seem like a horrible waste to you?  You go through all the shit, you do the work, you’ve got all this wisdom and then — nothing. So sad, too bad. You’re done. Ta ta.

Not that I’m in any rush, mind you.






8 thoughts on “Return engagement anyone?

  1. This reminds of me the movie “Defending Your Life” where Albert Brooks dies and goes to a place where he has ‘defend his life’ before he can move on. In the movie, they tell him he’s had many past lives. If you haven’t seen this movie, I think you should.

  2. I often get a sense of deja vu in unfamiliar places that are oddly familiar. I too like the idea of practice runs until we get our lives perfect, but by then some idiot would’ve moved the goalposts and our original aims will be obsolete!

    • I get it as well. Yes, you’re probably right — the goalposts would probably be moved — but I think that’s also part of the master plan. To give us more challenges and more opportunities and more things to get right and more things to get wrong until we’ve passed all the tests that have been set out for us — and then we’re done.

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