This is a first …

In the 5 years I’ve been writing this particular blog I’ve never missed a day (in year one) or a week (since then) — until right now. Between having a lot going on and being sick all last week (and still coughing) something had to give and it turned out to be my blog.

See you next week!

Take plenty of Vitamin C, by the way, and try to avoid crowds. You do not want this miserable cold/flu.



21 thoughts on “This is a first …

  1. Oh! So sorry to see that you are sick…I will not play mother….you know what to do …..BUT be kind to yourself…yes, I will miss the blog…..but put yourself first..get better…do whatever you need…your choice ! tea, meds, and sympathy…xoxo, Barb

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    • Thanks! Yes I have been drinking lots of tea with honey and lemon, not really a “med” person unless it’s absolutely necessary. Most of it’s gone now — just left with a nasty cough. It’ll pass …

  2. So sorry to hear you are feeling unwell Fransi, no consolation to you but it is that time of year, I am off to have my anti-flu injection later in the week. Keep warm, only venture out if it is a must – don’t push yourself to get better it will take its course and its time.

  3. Oh, so sorry! I caught a humdinger from the staff in one of the shops and passed it on to Hubby, where it lingered for over three weeks! We’d both had our flu jabs too!
    Hope you feel better soon. xx

  4. Glad your on the mend Fransi. I now have it and it’s a wowzer! Sweated through 6 T shirts last night. Tea lemon honey and garlic for the he next few days
    No Halloween costume for me this year I’ll be snuggled up in my bed sweating it out

    • Oh nooooo. So sorry you’ve got it now. It is really nasty but you are doing all the right things. Take it easy and feel better soon.

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