Feeling hopeful … hopefully … ?

It started last Friday with the news that Mike Flynn had pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI and was cooperating with the Mueller investigation.

“Be still my heart,” I thought, “this could be big.” “Big,” because the Mueller team has a lot of evidence on a lot of Flynn’s wrongdoing; and they could have indicted him on much more serious crimes. Crimes that would have carried a long, long jail term — thirty years or more.

And so, I thought — hoped — if Mueller was willing to pass that up and settle for a much lesser charge — one that would carry a much shorter jail term — then he (Flynn) must have some pretty powerful evidence on a much bigger fish. A fish as big, perhaps, as maybe Donald Trump himself — or at least individuals very close to him. Evidence that could lead to finding out there was collusion between the Trump team and the Russians — or  that Donald Trump did obstruct justice. Like I said, “big.”

Almost breathless with relief and excitement that finally, maybe the worm had turned, I immediately sent off a torrent of text messages and emails to friends near and far, followed by a constant stream of Facebook status updates every time there was Breaking News which, in the case of CNN, is every three seconds.

Finally, could it be possible that for the first time in his life, this miserable excuse for a human being would be held accountable, would suffer the consequences of his dishonest and reckless and yes, evil ways? I know it was only a first step, a tiny, tentative step, but the possibility had me positively giddy.

And then people started to poop on my parade. Can’t blame them really, for being so negative. The man got elected. Despite his lies, his arrogance, his nastiness, his tastelessness, his rudeness, his total and complete lack of class, integrity and intelligence he got elected. And he’s still in office. With everything he’s said and done, with his tweets, with his threats, with his taunting of anyone and everyone including the volatile lunatic who shows us more and more of his nuclear arsenal every day — he. Donald Trump. is. still. in. office.!!!

My God! How, how can this have happened? How, how can it still be happening?

So folks are depressed and disillusioned, they’re without hope. And although there were some who took Friday’s news as a positive sign, there were as many who barely blinked and said, “Ahh, nothing will come of this, it’ll go nowhere.” Because, of course, look where we’re at. Like I said, who could blame them?

But sorry, so sorry, I’m not prepared to give up that easily. Everyone gets theirs eventually, I truly believe that. So please, let me cling to whatever hope I have. After all, would Robert Mueller have cut Mike Flynn a way better deal than he deserves if he didn’t have something good, something big, something that could potentially bring an end to this nightmare?

Do not, I repeat, do not tell me I’m dreaming in technicolor. The glass is half full, remember?

24 thoughts on “Feeling hopeful … hopefully … ?

  1. To those who suggest “Ahh, nothing will come of this, it’ll go nowhere.” – I say, wait for it. This is NOT a TV Reality show (well, it is, of course, but you know what I mean) one that is scripted with story arcs and dramatic suspense-filled cliffhanging “stay tuneds!”

    We are so used to nicely packaged stories that come to a satisfying conclusion in 90 minutes, or at the season’s end. One where the good guy always prevails. Mueller will prevail – we just need to realize that it will be on his schedule, not a TV network’s.

    • I sure hope he prevails. The legal experts say it will be easier to prove obstruction of justice than collusion. But for anything to come of obstruction of justice it’s Congress who would have to impeach him — Mueller can’t do that. So like you said, time will tell. I am certainly on Mueller’s side. And with luck it will be the imbecilic Trump who helps Mueller by doing something to incriminate himself. There’s something I’d actually bet money on.

  2. I remember feeling hopeless with Nixon too. Then it happened. What I don’t understand is that he still has backers. He’s a douchebag by any standards. Shame on those evangelicals who tolerate his less than noble behavior. I doubt if anyone likes him but there are those that need him to get their taxes cut, etc.

    • Power and greed. That’s what it always boils down to. And have you heard that the RNC is now funding Roy Moore’s campaign again??? Just more of the same. The slime leading the slime.

      • Yes I did. Thought it couldn’t get any worse. Then it did. Then again people elected 45 after they found out about all the stuff he did. Are there no moral standards anymore. Not looking for a saint. Just someone who is not gross.

  3. It’s been a roller coaster week, and though this investigation still goes me hope, today there’s so much that’s deeply concerning – the tax bill passing, with long term, and wide-ranging devastating effects…etc… but I still have hope, always, that things will get better!

    • I agree with you — it’s been a terrible week and it’s very hard to stay hopeful. The Mueller investigation is so important it scares me. As down as I get about this, I cling to my belief that good will always triumph over evil. It just has to.

    • I’m with you. Let’s throw in the daughter — she’s his confidante — she has to know/be involved. She’s slime too, only better looking (if you’re into robots), better dressed and much more well-spoken. At least she can construct a simple sentence.

  4. I felt a bit like jumping for joy too but restrained myself because, like others who pooped on your parade, I think Trump is an extremely powerful man shielded by a loyal fan base who won’t cross over to the other side under any circumstances. There used to be an expression, “Teflon King,” for people who no matter what hits them, it rolls right off. Unfortunately, I think the bubble that surrounds him and his closest cohorts is made of Teflon.

    • I remember the expression. He is definitely slippery, no question about it. I can’t believe how much he got away with before he became president. And unfortunately these are 2 tough charges to prove with any defendant. But I cling to the fact that Robert Mueller is tough, smart and very experienced — and he must believe he has something to have cut Flynn that deal. I just hope and pray he’s got enough for a criminal case because I don’t think congress (GOP) have either the balls or the integrity to impeach the son of a bitch. I also hope and pray that his colossal stupidity will cause him to do something to incriminate himself — and that’s entirely possible.

  5. Glad to have found your blog. I have to believe that this “miserable excuse for a human being” will be held accountable, and the sooner the better. And may all his henchmen (henchpersons?) join him in shame and ignominy (and jail, if there is true justice in the world).

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