What money can’t buy …

After yesterday’s post was published a friend emailed me to talk about it. One of her comments was in reference to my recollections of the Christmas lunches my father and grandfather had for their staff — her point being that it was probably those acts of kindness and generosity that were, in large part, what made their employees so loyal.

She was right, of course. My dad and grandfather treated their employees kindly, fairly and respectfully everyday, not just once a year at lunch. And in return, they had virtually
no staff turnover.

The comment got me thinking and, almost immediately, my thoughts turned to that horrible man who occupies the White House. He — who demands loyalty from everyone — yet does absolutely nothing to earn it; or give it, for that matter.

Yet worse still, sadder still, he hasn’t figured out that loyalty must be earned, and cannot be expected, that it isn’t, somehow, owed. He misguidedly thinks that threatening and insulting is the path to loyalty.

This, needless to say, led me to think about his upbringing. He was born to wealthy parents, born literally with a silver spoon in his mouth. But if ever there was a perfect example of how money cannot buy everything, he (Trump) is it. I wasn’t there, living under his roof, so obviously I don’t know this for sure. But from all accounts he was given everything that money can buy.

Sadly, though, it certainly looks as if he wasn’t instilled with any of the values and principles that make us good and decent human beings. The values and principles that one cannot put a price tag on.

Surely if he had been taught these things, if he’d grown up seeing them being practiced, if the example had been set by his parents, he wouldn’t be the unkind, uncharitable, unpleasant, classless individual he is, and always has been. “Qualities,” he seems to be teaching and passing down to his own children, who also think they are above the law and can say and do whatever they please.

That’s one hell of a legacy that family’s leaving. Not one I’d be proud of, for sure. So he can keep his billions, if in fact, he really has them. I’d much rather be me, with my family and my family values.

As for his parents, shame on them. They created this monster, if not entirely than in large part. We are all products of our environment.

14 thoughts on “What money can’t buy …

  1. I would say that “We are products of our environment” is an excuse that can only carry one so far. At some point, as adults, we have to be willing to take responsibility for who we are, how we act, and how we treat others. I’m not willing to give a 71-year old man a pass on bad behavior – at least not until his official diagnosis of a mental defect or neurological condition is issued.

    • Very good point Michelle. He obviously got away with it as a child so it became acceptable then and is acceptable now. Of course he could have changed his ways, but we shouldn’t hold our breath. I’m not even sure a mental defect would excuse all of his bad behaviour, I think some of it is just his character or lack there of.

  2. I like the person I am. I worked hard to find Me, suffered along the way, made umpteen mistakes, but got through it to where and who I am now. My folks didn’t have money, we only had two holidays I can remember, one in a friend’s leaky caravan and the other in a tent. Life was always a struggle for them, but us kids had the important things: 3 of each item of clothing (wearing, clean and in the wash), quality shoes on our feet, good food in our bellies, heavy duty coats for cold weather, and our parents time. If you have everything at the drop of a hat or simply at the end of asking for it, you have no concept of value or respect for those who manage on a fraction of what you waste.
    I’ll get off my box now. Oh, and Happy New Year 🙂

  3. What I’m starting to wonder about is if his family sees him for who he is. Clearly his “immigrant” wife (odd that he’s so against immigration, isn’t it?) came from a different background entirely although I’m not convinced she’s happy. His older daughter seems to be cut from a different cloth too. I’d be mortified to have him as husband or father…or neighbor or acquaintance…

    • His first wife was also an immigrant. She’s Czech originally although she emigrated to Montreal. She was a model and worked for me a lot when I was doing advertising and PR in the fashion industry. I remember when she met him and when they got married. Actually met him once myself. This wife doesn’t smile very often but she seems happy enough with the hundred thousand dollar jackets and big diamonds. As for his daughter Ivanka, I think she’s been cut from exactly the same cloth as her father — her clothes are made in sweatshops overseas and she personally has been sued several times for stealing other people’s designed. And look who she married! The only difference between her and her father is, she is softer spoken, more articulate and has better hair.

      • Well, wife #1 went to a lawyer and said, on the record, that he raped her and then recanted — because he threatened to cut her off and God knows what else. Everyone he comes into contact with has to sign a NDA. For all we know, even his kids. He is a true monster. Vile, vile man. There isn’t enough money on this planet to make me sell my soul to that devil, but there are lots of people who have and will. I have no pity for them.

      • Yes, I had heard that too. Don’t get it myself. I have some friends (who I thought were intelligent) vote for him because they wanted change. Seriously? They were all men. Personally I think the gender issue reared it’s head. Yeah, and then the Russians too.

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