On a positive note …

Whew! We survived 2017 and that’s all I’ll say about that. We’re being positive, right? So Happy New Year to you, to us, to all those we hold dear.

When I was thinking about what I’d write today, I remembered something my mother used to say (and do) every time I moved into a new house or apartment.

“Fransi,” she’d say, “remember to bring a piece of bread, some salt, some sugar and a new broom with you the first time you go in. And make sure you enter with your right foot first.” It wasn’t enough she’d told me, she always went with me, armed with all the supplies, just in case I forgot or decided to ignore her.

It’s funny because I am superstitious, but I thought it was some kind of silly old wive’s tale until a cousin of mine showed up a few days before I moved into the first house I bought with a broom and a filled paper bag.. It wasn’t just my mother, so maybe there was something to it, after all. Couldn’t hurt, I suppose, so I became a convert.

After my mom passed, I did forget about this tradition/superstition and didn’t follow her instructions when I moved into my current apartment. Maybe that’s why I’ve never really liked it. Note to self — make sure you do all of the above next time.

For those who are curious, here’s the significance of it all:

  • The bread is so you’ll never go hungry.
  • The salt is meant to replace tears, spice up your life and bring good luck.
  • The sugar is there to bring sweetness to your life.
  • The broom makes sure you can sweep troubles and bad luck away.
  • Entering your new home with your right foot first is so you’ll start off right.

You have to admit, there is a logic to it. And it’s a lovely, loving, kind, positive sentiment. So why not, right?

Anyhooooooo …

Like I said, when I was giving this blog post some thought, that’s what popped into my mind. And then I thought, what a wonderful way to approach a new year, especially after the one we’ve just had.

So as the clock struck 12 this past New Year’s Eve I made sure that the very first step I took was with my right foot. While I left the baggage from 2017 behind, what I did take with me were the things my mother made sure I had every time I’ve walked into a new home — only this time I carried them with me symbolically.

And I said a little prayer for all of you, wishing you the same.

To 2018 — may it bring us all peace, love, good health, good luck and contentment. If we’re fortunate enough to have all that, we will be rich beyond our dreams.

26 thoughts on “On a positive note …

  1. What a wonderful way of being witchy. Your mother great sentiments instilled in you have made you a kind,funny, intelligent witch! I love that her thoughts come through to you during important times in your life and that you pass These sentiments.

    My grandmother used to say to throw salt over your left shoulder and burn sage( where she came up with that new age wisdom,I do not know)

    I hope some day you will write a book ..it would be tops on my list!

    Fantastic news that Hoda Kobb…she is new anchor..she has always had wonderful,kindly,vibes!

    ThankYou as always for your wonderful blogs!

    Sent from my iPad


    • Thanks Barbara. I have always considered myself kind of witchy — cool that you’ve noticed 😊 my grandmother always used to say to throw salt over your left shoulder and to burn sage. I am writing a book — about my mother and me — mostly about when her health really started to fail but I do go back and forth in time as well.

      • These were more of a new year tradition at parties as the old year (old person) went out of the back door and the new year (young person) came in the front bearing gifts of sugar, bread, coal and a penny for the host family.
        We came to our new home with practically nothing, but did have some food, good company, and a vacuum cleaner!

      • We had it on the boat and used it to keep the dog hairs at bay when we were staying with MSM. She had a top of the range thing that looked very pretty, but seemed to move the dog hair rather than re-move it.

  2. In Yorkshire it was always a piece of coal for warmth, a piece of fruitcake (which was kept until the following Christmas) so you would always have food in the house, and a dilver sixpence, so there would always be wealth enough… my first footer brought them in for me this year 🙂

  3. I love and honor tradition.I beleive in doing so we strengthen the love that ties us to those who handed them down to us and continue to honor them. So, as usual, the pleasure of reading your blog and the reminder that I need a new broom much sooner than next new years! I will honor you by stepping in my apt. right foot first when I bring it home. Thank you Fransi!

    • Thank you Daisy. I love and honour traditions as well and completely agree that they strengthen our love and bonds with those who have handed them down. It reminds us of how lucky we are to have had them in our lives and all the good times we shared.

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