Time for the media to shift gears …

If I hear “I don’t recall” come out the mouth of one more Republican in Washington I am going to scream.

Jeff Sessions, the nation’s top law enforcement official not only couldn’t remember important details about contacts between the Russians and the Trump campaign, he also conveniently “forgot” his own meetings with Sergey Kislyak.

Jared Kushner had to submit four addenda detailing over 100 errors and omissions on his security clearance application. He pleaded ignorance because he’d never had to fill out such a form before and also said he “forgot” details about such eminently forgettable items as meetings with foreign nationals.

Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue were both in the Thursday meeting with Donald Trump when he used the term “shithole” to describe African countries. A day later neither one of them could “recall the President saying these comments specifically” — a memory lapse that’s since spread to other Republicans in the room — while Senator Lindsay Graham would only go as far as saying that the President had “said something questionable.”

Tragically, these instances are just the tip of the iceberg. Washington is awash with amnesia. Either that or the CDC (Center for Disease Control) should consider commissioning a research study into why alzheimer’s is so prevalent in the nation’s capital.

And I’m sure you’ve noticed that when Republican members of Congress and other assorted scumbags aren’t being forgetful, they’re slippery and evasive — either refusing to answer the question or changing the subject.

So when are the media going to get tough? When will they get aggressive, really aggressive and hold them accountable? When are they going to become relentless, calling bullshit, refusing to let these smarmy swamp dwellers off the hook?

I’m by no means suggesting they should stop watching Donald Trump like a hawk, keeping America — and the world — informed as to his missteps and misdeeds. But they could and should spend much more time than they currently do on the GOP — who, by saying nothing, by refusing to call the President out — are just as guilty as he is of destroying everything America stands for. Maybe even more guilty because they know better — or they should.

The other thing Republican senators say that drives me insane is when they’re put on the spot and they try to skirt the issue by falling back on the “I’m-just-here-to-serve-the-people-who-voted-for-me” excuse.


By doing nothing when Trump hurls racist slurs at all visible minorities, praises dictators and white supremacists, insults and threatens allies, endorses child molesters, plays Russian roulette with the lives of everyone in the path of Kim Jong Un’s missiles, swears and uses foul language and lies about everything — not just daily, but hourly, if not more often? By succumbing to pressure and signing a tax bill that will hurt everyone but the richest of the rich?

Well time’s up. Or it should be.

Hold the corrupt, self-serving bastards’ feet to the fire until they grow a pair and do what they’re in Washington to do. Protect and serve all Americans and uphold the Constitution. And most of all, put their country before their party.



8 thoughts on “Time for the media to shift gears …

  1. You are more than 1000% right…it goes on and on..they are all so morally corrupt. The only people they serve are their fellow congressmen! SHAME,!SHAME!SHAME! Xoxo Barb

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    • The liberal media, like the NY Times, Washington Post and CNN are all openly critical of Trump and what’s going on. They just need to shift focus slightly and spend more time on Congress. They are critical of them already but need to do it more often and get more aggressive — refuse to back down.

      • Thank you for that Fransi, I should be more up to speed, it is hard enough to keep up with political events on this side of the pond without ever getting involved with goings on elsewhere.

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