And the award goes to …

… me, for having the intestinal fortitude to not only watch the award shows, but to stick with ’em from start to finish. Yay me. My God they are boring. And long.

Every year I say “that’s it, no more, I am not going to watch next year.” And next year comes around and there I am, tuned in yet again.

This year I really wasn’t going to watch, but did out of curiosity — not to see who would win, but to see how they’d handle all the sexual harassment charges in the industry.

At first when I saw all the women (and a lot of men) wearing black at the Golden Globes I thought it made a powerful and moving statement. Don’t know what happened at the Screen Actors Guild awards because I missed that show.

But everyone at the Grammy’s was either wearing or carrying a white rose. And to be honest, it didn’t really do anything for me. I thought the things that were said, and some of the performances, were much more compelling and meaningful.

All of which has made me wonder if it’s enough already with the “props.” And by props I mean the pink pussy hats, the black dresses and the roses. They have certainly served their purpose, in that they made very bold statements — visual and otherwise. But now it’s up to us.

We don’t need to wear or carry something specific to show solidarity or that we mean business. We don’t need to wear or carry something specific to keep speaking up and speaking out. We don’t need to wear or carry something specific to stand our ground and stand up for our rights. We don’t need to wear or carry something specific to keep the momentum going.

Now we have a voice. All of us, whether you’re a server in a restaurant, a chambermaid in a hotel, a student, a model, a budding actress or a star. Whether you’re a health care worker or business executive, a stay-at-home mom or an entrepreneur. Whether you’re male or female, whether you’re young or old, black, white, brown or any other colour. Whether it’s gay rights, human rights, women’s rights or equal rights.

Now we have a voice. All of us.

How we use that voice is up to us. But silence is no longer an option.




4 thoughts on “And the award goes to …

  1. You always say what most if us feel so much more eloquently. I also missed the Sag awards but my reason is Victoria, a series I am thoroughly enjoying and like to watch in present time. Too many recordings clutter my already cluttered mind. Listening to my morning NPR shows one of the regular hosts was interviewing Amy Pollard(?) not sure I spelled correctly, anyway the subject was women’s rights.He said he had taken his daughter to the Women’s March so she could “know” the meaning first hand.So I agree with you when you say it’s time to change from symbols to other actions and involvement. And of course, we will be watching Oscar!

    • Thanks so much Daisy. I always appreciate your feedback. It really is up to us. We have to be engaged and involved and there is simply no excuse for not voting. See you at the Oscars 😊

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