My true calling

I’ve mentioned several times that I subscribe to Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper and really enjoy it. She seems to always write about the issues and topics that are on my mind.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, she really nailed it when she wrote about the importance of figuring out the things that break our hearts, and how that can lead us to our life’s purpose. It sure did resonate with me, because I’ve been thinking about that an awful lot lately. My purpose, that is.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that for me, it’s injustice.

Whether it’s against humans, animals or the environment. Whether it’s physical, emotional, sexual, financial, political or religious. Whether it’s people treating each other unfairly and unjustly or companies and institutions treating their employees, students or citizens badly.

And the thing is, it doesn’t just break my heart. It really pisses me off. It makes my blood boil.

Then I remembered a time when, during George Bush’s presidency, frustrated and angered by something he’d done, I sent him an email with the subject line, “shame on you.” That’s when a friend of mine started calling me Fransi Vigilante. (And yes, in case you’re wondering, I’ve been extremely busy tweeting in response to the current administration’s words and actions.)

In truth though, that wasn’t the beginning of my “calling bullshit” or standing up for what I thought was right or wrong — on my own behalf and for others. At one ad agency I worked for they called me “the conscience of the agency.” And even as a child I was a self-appointed, outspoken advocate for those who needed it .

So I guess shit disturbing is in my blood.

All that said, I’m thinking that is my purpose. It is why I’m here.

This isn’t the first time I’ve come to this conclusion. It’s happened many times before. And for a long time I was convinced that a whistle-blower type column in a newspaper was the way to go. Easier said than done, as it happens. While I still think it’s a good idea, newspapers and magazines are not exactly looking to hire, especially former ad agency creative directors.

My blog is definitely a forum where I can speak out, and I do so all the time. But the problem is, it doesn’t reach the audience who can actually do something about the issues and injustices I write and care about.

Not that I’m giving up. I know in my bones that there is a way — however small it is — for me to speak up, speak out and help make this world a better place.

Any and all suggestions and ideas are welcome.

8 thoughts on “My true calling

  1. I have a feeling we are sisters from another mother!how well I remember how I was called that hippie American girl with a bleeding heart while living in Montreal.

    I need to tell you how much I admire how you speak out in print! I wish I had your way with words..I love that you are there beating the drum for Injustice… I rant and rave but only results I see are in my son,Scott….who as much as I do not agree with all he marches and writes for..I am in deep admiration for his intellect and protection of those in need.

    I wish I had a magic formula for how you can earn a great living(especially in 5his horrid day and age) by writing about injustice…very few except for the few bleeding heart liberals seem to care…but I will do reach many people’s conscious….there are few mother Teresa’s today…or should I say…they are not applauded nor cared about( and you may remember, she had her detractors also)

    Maria-whom I admire- has the advantage of being born into a very smart,liberal,monied, and I might add gorgeous family with Political cachet and a lot of monied politics in back of them….no sense comparing…look at rest of the very rich and they do not have moral capacity to pound the drums for the underprivileged…but there are still charities,newspapers, magazines both in print and digital who have followers.

    I think not only with your writing but perhaps because of your way with words, you should check out charities…and this is very difficult as the financials of charities are shocking! What about a radio show? I do not know how you turn your sensibilities into a living but you are who you are and I see a big need for strong intelligent caring women like you!

    Xoxo, Barb

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    • Thank you so much Barbara. I know we are sympatico on so many things, including injustice.

      A long time ago someone once said to me that she “wasn’t born with feathers on her tongue.” I think describes me too — and you. I have to speak out, I can’t help myself — it’s the way I’m wired. And I come from a long line of strong and feisty women who called it the way they saw it. I know you do too. Thank God for them!

      I feel the same way about Maria Shriver’s family, both immediate and extended. What a difference they have made and continue to make in this world! Talk about a legacy!!!

      Thanks for your encouragement and suggestions. They are much appreciated and valued.

  2. Well, Fransi, I’m fresh out of advice for you, me being a closet writer who has always written for therapy and for the love of the craft. All I know is that a writer must write, like a dancer must dance, and an actor must act, with or without an audience. Your audience is probably wider than you think, and your truth has to find expression regardless of who’s listening. Barbara threw in some pretty good ideas and I also think Maria would be fond of giving some good counsel to someone so inspired by her example. I adore her also, have pre ordered her next book on Amazon, little book hoarder that I am. For now I remain a faithful reader of your blog, and I am not alone by a long shot. Between you and Dan Rather I keep my wits about me.. Thank you for sharing your moment of clarity with us who keep on seeking one of our own, I’m reading Will Schwalbe’s book, Books for Life, in which he shares many of the books that molded his life, in an interesting chapter he talks about Stuart Little and his search for the bird that saved his life and why he thinks E.B. White gave the book such a vague ending which has everything to do with the search we are all on. Your forum rocks! Like Lucia says, you’re making a difference!

    • Thanks so much Daisy, for your thoughtful comments. I have also pre-ordered Maria Shriver’s book and also love Dan Rather’s News & Guts. I agree, Barbara did have some good ideas and interestingly enough a friend suggested I write Maria Shriver as well. She suggested it before I wrote this blog post. It’s nit the size of my audience that concerns me, it’s a desire to help or change things in a more concrete way. But as with everything else in my life, now that I’ve put it out there in the Universe, when the time is right it will smack me upside the head! 😊

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