Can someone please explain?

How can more than 100 people working in the White House be there without security clearance? Accessing top secret information? Seriously, how?

How can Donald Trump be president with all his conflicts of interest, never mind all the other issues? Seriously, how?

How is it okay that Jared Kushner met, in the White House, with one of the founders of Apollo Global Management and Citigroup’s chief executive, and then both companies gave a combined $500 million in loans to his family’s companies? Seriously, how?

How is it okay that Jared Kushner backed a blockade of Qatar just weeks after their minister of finance turned his family down when they tried to get him to invest in one of their properties? Seriously, how?

How is it okay that Ivanka Trump is still in the White House even though a U.S. counterintelligence unit is investigating the negotiations and financing of one of her international business deals, not to mention the fact that she doesn’t yet have security clearance either? Seriously, how?

How is it okay that Carl Icahn, a long time Trump friend and former advisor, sold $31 million of stock in a company heavily dependent on steel just over a week before Trump announced a new tariff on steel imports? Seriously, how?

Does anyone really think these are just coincidences? Really??!!!!!?

It’s tempting to ask if the Trumps, their partners in crime and the GOP think we’re all stupid. But of course, that’s a really stupid question, because clearly they do — and clearly we are. Because they’re getting away with it!

No one in a position of any authority is doing one thing to stop them. Nothing. Nada. No one.


The whole sorry lot of them. #godirectlytojail


The raping and pillaging of America has to stop.


Repeat after me …


Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.







34 thoughts on “Can someone please explain?

  1. It just plain sucks….explanation…ha!ha! The dumbing down of Americans..the belief in magic p.r…I, of course, could and usually do, rant and rave and go on and on…but am becoming tongue tied over these TRAGEDIES!

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  2. These are such important questions, Fransi. I don’t understand why everyone isn’t asking them . . . over and over until there are some complete answers, and action taken as a result of those answers. Trump’s strategy of misdirection seems to be quite effective: as soon as too many people begin asking about one shady deal or appalling activity, he says, or does, or tweets something outrageous that turns everyone’s attention elsewhere. Everyone, that is, except Mueller. For that alone, I still have some hope.

    • I don’t understand either Donna. I’ve been shaking my head for 2 years. Yes, Mueller gives me hope too. I hope he finds criminal activity because if all he comes up with is obstruction of justice he can’t prosecute. At best it’s an impeachable offence and we already know what congress will do about that.

  3. I’m from Geelong, Australia, and have read lots of articles about “Trump”, all of them totally negative, and down here. we are amazed/frightened, at the obviously money-hungry greed and cronyism of your so called “President”. The situation is truly laughable, and sadly tolerated. The power of money seems to have corrupted everyone in a position of authority to do sometime, and common the sense and decency of democracy have seemingly disappeared….. feeling sorry for your so called, “Great” Country’s apathy.

    • Actually I’m a Canadian — born in Montreal, live in Toronto. So he’s not my so-called president and America isn’t my so-called “great” Country and the apathy you mention has nothing to do with me.

      Like you, I am merely someone who is shocked, concerned and disgusted at what’s going on south of our border.

      And frankly the apathy doesn’t concern me nearly as much as the ignorance.

      • Oh wow, born in Leonard Cohen’s home town, and yes you’re right, my choice of word should’ve been about their ignorance. Haha, Leonard Cohen’s song Democracy, says it all.

      • Love Leonard Cohen. Did you get to see the tribute concert that was shot in Montreal last Fall? It recently aired here. Oh, apathy is valid — but I just can’t believe the ignorance and stupidity there. How anyone could have voted for him I don’t know. And how they turn the other cheek and let him get away with everything just blows my mind and disgusts me. I mean really!!!

      • Yes I agree, “seriously” how do they let it go on… Ah but to my favourite topic, I’m a life long fan of Leonard Cohen’s, since I bought his first LP(vinyl) back in 1967, and he’s had a hugh influence on my poetry writings, and I was lucky enough to go and see him perform live in Melbourne, on his world tour 2009

      • You are lucky to have seen him perform live. I saw him perform in Montreal, in a small club, a million years ago before he was famous. He was an amazing talent. His songs, which are really poetry with a soundtrack, touch your soul. And talk about charisma. It was like getting an electric shock. Did you know that he’s also an accomplished artist? Love his art.

      • Yes I love his artwork, And I’m quite a fanatic of his. Oh be to see him in a small club would’ve have been an absolute dream. I’ve quite a few of his books, and his book, “Book Of Longing” has lots of his drawings in it.

      • Don’t have that one, I will have to get it. Thanks for mentioning it. I was at a conference here several years ago and he was supposed to perform on the last day — he was a friend of the man behind the conference, which was an annual event. He was sick or something and couldn’t come — replaced himself with his son. Lunchbox letdown, I’m sorry to say, although I think he’s straightened himself now. But a very pale imitation of his dad, which isn’t unusual.

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