The right to bear barbs …

I have a new hobby. Actually, maybe it’s less of a hobby and more like therapy. I’ve taken to Twitter. Well, that’s not it, exactly. I’ve been tweeting for ages. I’m now using Twitter to get rid of my aggression and frustration.

For the last few weeks I’ve regularly blasted 45, his daughter-wife, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. I can’t tell you how good it felt to tell Ivanka to do everyone a favour and go back to stealing shoe designs; and to call Trump the swamp dweller in chief when he boasted about draining the swamp after Andrew McCabe was fired.

It also seems I’m responsible for a spike in the use of #shameonyou. Since I’ve started ending all my ranting-at-politicians tweets with this hash tag, a friend of mine reports she’s suddenly seeing it used everywhere. Too bad I didn’t think of trademarking it. I could have made millions. Can you trademark a hash tag?

What’s fascinating is what it’s doing to the readership of my blog. At first I couldn’t figure out why my numbers were going crazy. I was seeing blog post visits leap from 90 – 100 in the first few hours after a new post to 500 – 600 every half hour! Likes, re-blogs and re-tweets have been on the rise as well.

Took me a while, but I finally twigged and tracked it back to these tweets. It seems that whenever I tell the Donald or his favourite child off, my blog benefits — but only my anti-Trump blog posts. Last week, even though I unleashed a tweet storm at the aforementioned cretin in the White House, my post about my  newly-departed kitty cat got the usual response. Good, but certainly not off the charts.

But a good friend, who is far more practical and rational than I am, isn’t as excited about this as I am. She’s concerned about the FBI showing up at my door and hauling me off to Guantanamo Bay or something. She could very well be right. But I’m absolutely addicted. No, not to my dramatically climbing stats — to  how cathartic it is. It feels really good.

And when you think about it, what’s the difference between what I’m doing and joining a protest march? I’m just exercising my rights. Right???




4 thoughts on “The right to bear barbs …

  1. Ha!ha! I am So happy for you…keep on expressing are so dead on…I cannot send you sweet congratulations because you ARE exercising your rights…and that thing in power uses his mouth to hurt his opposition to,spread fake news….SO!

    ThankYou ,Fransi! Xoxo,Barb

    Sent from my iPad


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