Can we sink any lower?

“binlightenment” photo by Jes on Creative Commons

I cannot stand Donald Trump, I am horrified and disgusted that he got elected and I can’t wait for this nightmare to be over.

But there has to be a better way than telling the world he dropped his pants so a porn star he invited to his hotel room (while his wife recovered from childbirth and he was also bonking a Playboy Playmate) could “punish” him for spending too much time talking about himself,” by swatting his ass with a magazine that just so happened to feature him on the cover. That’s an image I certainly don’t need tattoo’d on my brain. I’d also don’t need to know that every woman he has sex with reminds him of his daughter (gag!)

Yeah, like about 20 million other people I watched the Stormy Daniels interview last Sunday night on 60 Minutes. The whole thing made my skin crawl and if I could re-wind the clock, I’d make sure I was as far away from a TV as possible. The whole thing’s gross.

It’s equally gross, not to mention unconscionable, that Rick Santorum chastised the students who organized and marched last Saturday in the March for our Lives, saying that instead of protesting gun violence and expecting others to solve their problems, they should learn CPR. What does one say to him? There is no adequate response to this kind of ignorance.

Members of Trump’s cabinet buy $31,000 dining room sets on the taxpayers’ dime, use government planes or fly first class, with their families — just because.

And all we hear is that his supporters don’t care. They know and they don’t care. Neither, apparently, does Congress.

It’s time to take out the trash, y’all.


12 thoughts on “Can we sink any lower?

  1. As you know words cannot express my disgust with those in charge….I keep hoping that they will pile up enough bad karma that they will be in a deep hole with all that shit they piled on top of themselves.

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  2. Santorum is local I was stunned by his comment. How does CPR help with mass shootings. Almost all people are dead within seconds. Better for him to keep his trap shut. As for Stormy, somehow I enjoyed it in a perverse way. At some point people have to recognize was a sleaze bag he is and act on it. Bets are on that Melania is out of that relationship as soon as it’s profitable for her to do so.

    • I was stunned as well. Just a diabolically stupid thing for him to say. Melania has most likely signed a very specific and binding prenup that assures her of a certain amount of money and not a penny more with a gag order that goes with it. So we will never hear a peep out of her. She has probably promised not to leave him while he’s president in exchange for a financial bonus. We’ll have to see if she reaches a point where she’s willing to give up the bonus in exchange for her and Barron’s freedom from that pig.

  3. Santorum, there are no words for this bigoted idiot. These students are fighting for their lives and are sowing what the future will hopefully bring with their bright minds and determination
    Shame on you Santorum

  4. I agree with all you say Fransi. It seems we are becoming less and less civilized. I long for the old days of decorum. When the press was still free but not telling us every salacious detail. But then those were the days when child molesters operated in families with impunity, priests had a shopping list of altar boys and a number of men belonged to men’s clubs for whatever reasons…We have now swung too far in the opposite direction. That direction however, is responsible for #Me Too, #Pay Equity, #Women’s Rights #My body My decision, plus a few more really good “movements” which benefit women in particular and society in general. I look forward to a time when the dust of upheaval settles and we find an awesome happy medium.

  5. Every time I think we’ve hit bottom ……

    When will it end? My father used to ascribe to the pendulum theory, and we’re in a bad swing right now. But maybe, just maybe, the March For Our Lives movement will tip the pendulum back the other way. For my own sanity, I cling to hope.

    Good post, Fransi.

    • Thanks Terry. The March for our Lives is the one bright spot in this whole sordid mess. Those kids really fill me with hope — for the future not just for gun control.

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