Not today

Senseless tragedy hit Toronto yesterday when a 25-year old man plowed a rented van into innocent people for no reason — 10 people have lost their lives and 15 are injured. There is currently no evidence to suggest terrorism, but that changes nothing for those who died, those who are fighting for their lives in hospitals and their families. See you next week.

15 thoughts on “Not today

    • Thanks Michelle. Pretty horrendous. No evidence yet to suggest terrorism but that hardly matters. He was captured alive with no shots fired and I am grateful for that.

      • If your country is like ours, we save terrorism labels for brown people and call our white domestic terrorists “mentally disturbed”. It’s a difference without distinction except in supporting prejudice. Sorry – it’s probably too soon after such a tragedy to get pedantic about media labels.

      • We don’t do that here, at least not yet. We have always happily been a multi-cultural country. As yesterday proved, however, Canada is not as immune as we thought it was. Also acts of terrorism have been practically non existent here, as is gun violence because we do not have the right to bear arms — no second amendment. What they have learned so far is, he was spurned by women and that may have been his motivation.

      • Yes, he made reference to one of our own domestic terrorists who also had issues with women before he went on a rampage. For Canada, that is not a first – I remember the Montreal tragedy at the Ecole Polytechnique. So senseless and narcissistic.

      • Yes, that was reported in the news. And I also remember that horrible tragedy in Montreal. It is a sad and scary world we live in, that is for sure. How, as a society, do we learn to recognize the signs of mental illness and see that people get the help they need before it’s too late?

  1. Never thought we should have fears in Canada? Craziness is through and through out the world! Too much too comprehend! Xoxo, Barb

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